My Disney Journey

This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

Less than a week to go! February 6, 2014

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Hi all,

There’s not been a lot to post about recently, but I am getting very excited about the fact that it’s only 4 days until we fly!!!
This time next week, Jon and I will be spending the day in the Universal Parks with my awesome friend Teddy! Well, if it weren’t for the time difference anyway. In actuallity, this time next week, we’ll be asleep, as it’ll be 4:30am! Lol! But, you know what I mean.

This past week has gone so slowly though, it’s been really hard… but that’s always the same whenever you’re waiting for something really exciting. It was the same in the last week before I left for the CRP. And, to go the other way, my last week of the program went really quickly, because I didn’t want it to end! Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to be heading home to our kitties, and to my Jon, but it was a great year and I’m really happy to be heading back, if only for a holiday.

While on holiday, Jon and I will be scouting out some locations for the future too. You see, we have decided that we want to get married in Walt Disney World. We’ve looked at UK venues, and checked out vendors over here, and nothing feels quite right. I have the confidence that Disney will give us the level of service that I can’t guarantee from anyone in the UK. Both of us feel at home there – Jon visited WDW before he even met me, and loves it just as much as me! Well, almost as much, I am a bit of a Disney park fangirl. 😛

The venues we want to try and get a look at are:

  • Sea Breeze Point for the ceremony site,
  • Boardwalk Ballrooms (St James Room, and Marvin Gardens) as a Reception site (this may not be possible to see),
  • Boardwalk Ballrooms (St James Room, and Marvin Gardens) as a Reception site (this may not be possible to see),
  • Boardwalk Ballrooms (St James Room, and Marvin Gardens) as a Reception site (this may not be possible to see),
  • Kouzzina’s Private Dining Room as a Reception site (also may not be possible),
  • Ariel’s as a Reception site (might not be possible to go in, but we can look through the windows!),
  • UK Lochside for a Dessert Party (I know this one pretty well, but a refresher never hurts!).

We’re probably also going to pop into Franck’s Studio, the home of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings (or at least, the show home! Their offices are elsewhere in Orlando). I don’t really have any questions for them yet, because I’ve been looking at Disney weddings for a while now, but it’ll be cool to see them. We won’t be able to book anything with them just yet, as they have very strict guidelines on how far in advance you can start holding, and then booking their venues – the furthest out being 16months before your date. We’re not looking to get married until Summer 2016, so it’s a fair way off for us yet. We’d love to get married sooner, but we want to do it right and for us that means spending a fair bit of money. So after holiday, the saving will start proper, and things should hopefully start falling into place!

It’s all very exiciting though, and I can’t wait to get back and see my friends again. 😀 I might post a timeline of our plans in the next couple of days too, so you can all see the fun we’re going to be having! Woooo!

Faith, Trust and Pixie dust to all my lovely readers!


New years resolutions. January 3, 2014

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I’d like to start this post by quoting one of my friends Facebook statuses. I’m sure he won’t mind…

“For everyone talking about how 2014 is going to be”your year” or “different”: no. No it won’t. The changing of a calendar date accomplishes nothing but making you older. Only through bold, courageous, fearless unceasing dedication to your own betterment can you hope to improve your life.”

I think too many people like the idea of fresh starts but never do anything about making them. I’ve been putting a lot of effort and control methods into sorting various aspects of our lives out these past couple of months, and I plan on continuing this trend into 2014.
For example, we bought a new rug today. Now, this may seem like a reply odd way to make fresh starts, but this new rug changes quite a few things. Firstly, it gets rid of the old rug, which gets rid of territory that had been claimed by one of our cats. (No matter how much spray you use, cats will still smell where they’ve been and will go there again…enough said!) Secondly, this rug makes our coffee table easier to move, which in turn makes it easier to use the Kinect. Using the Kinect will enable both myself and Jon to lose a little weight, tone up, and get fit again. In making the Kinect easier to access, it has given me impetus to sort myself out in other ways: be less lazy, more organized, get some structure into my life. The usual things that lead to contentment. There’s still a few more areas of my life that I want to improve upon, but this is a good start, and all marathons start with the first step!

Now get out there and make your first step… However small it may be!


Very Merry Christmas Parties! December 28, 2013

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Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers out there!

Of course, I realise you are very much a minority these days. Not many people read this blog any more, but that doesn’t stop me having fun writing it.

I went back to my mum’s for Christmas, and the first night I was there I dreamt I was back in Epcot, sitting at table 513 in the Rose and Crown, about to watch Illuminations. I was very excited, as it has been a while since I was there, but when the show started, someone managed to sit infront of me. (This is actually impossible, as lower deck is far enough down that heads don’t get in the way – but this was a dream after all!) So I stood up and moved over to one side, and then Illuminations went all weird, involving football and clowns and other oddities. I was about to wander off when the new, weird stuff finished, and the proper Illuminations carried on from the point where the globe starts to drift into the lake, so I went back to my seat at 513, and saw someone else eating chocolate scotch cake. This was also odd, as R&C has stopped selling chocolate scotch cake. Just as I was about to call my waitress over to order some (having got excited by the fact there was chocolate scotch cake there – even in my dream world I knew that R&C weren’t selling it any more!), I seemed to drift out of this dream and end up in another.

I’m not sure what this craziness means about me, apart from the fact that I’m still thinking about my upcoming trip to Disney, even a few days away from Christmas!!!

Anyway, now that Christmas is out the way, I can show you the amazing hairbands I made for my niece, and intend to make a second set for myself, all thanks to these awesome patterns. I have changed and updated a couple, and intend on modifying a couple more when I make my own set. Many apologise for the fuzzyness, these were the only photos we got before wrapping them up for my niece. I’ll try and take some better ones when I make the second set.



Very fuzzy here, I think Jasmine was trying to get away!




This one was my niece’s favourite, but she’s big into Ariel at the moment.

Snow White


Apologies for both the fuzziness and the intruding cat!




Attack of the cat again!

So that’s what I’ve been working on for the past week. Once New Years is out of the way as well, I’ll be back in touch with my lovely friends in Florida (who I hope might read this at some point!) to get on with planning more stuff for Febrary! 😀

I hope all of your Christmases were as good as mine were (which was great, even if I am more exicited about my holiday!)



Long time no see! November 22, 2013

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Welcome back!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted here, and apparently my brain has been deceiving me. You see, I could have sworn that I had made one last post after I got back to fair old blighty, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere! It’s not on the back up that we made when moving this website from one hosting to another, it’s not buried in the unposted drafts. I’ve even done a search to look at the history of this site on the internet, and I can’t even find it there. As such, I’ve had to conclude that my brain has lied to me for the past two years, and I never made that post!

All that, of course, just explains how stupid my brain is. It doesn’t explain why I’ve brought this website back to life. There’s a few reasons really… Firstly, it’s a great memory of my time working for the mouse (even if it did get a bit patchy towards the end!). Secondly, it’s a guide for all future applicants to the CRP. Thirdly, I’d like to try and get back in the habit of blogging again and keeping the world up to date with my future Disney plans.

You may be wondering what future Disney plans I might have. There’s a few things hidden up my sleeve for the moment, but I can happily say that Jon and I will be holidaying in Walt Disney World in Febrary!!! 😀 It’ll be the first time we’ve gone back since I finished my program and I can’t WAIT! *giggle* Not only am I excited to be back in Disney again, I’m excited to see all my friends, and to see how things have changed. There’s been a huge expansion in Magic Kingdom, which in my memory is just wooden boards with cranes and scaffolding peeking over the top. There’s also been a new Resort built, and changes to some of the restaurants and things. Magic The Memories And You (the light show on the castle prior to Wishes) has been updated to now be Celebrate The Magic. And so much more!

So for now, I will leave it at that. I will be posting more in the coming weeks with my plans for Febrary, and as other plans evolve I’ll start talking about them too!

So welcome back one and all to my ongoing journey within Walt Disney World 😀



The end is in sight October 9, 2011

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So, I may not have been great at blogging for the later half of my program, but I’ve been having an amazing time, all the same.

Since my last post, I’ve done a whole bunch of stuff. I spent a day in Epcot, going around the world, I celebrated my birthday with a night at Jellyrolls, I took a trip to the opposite side of the county, Seattle, for a Lego convention, and plenty in between.

Seattle is a gorgeous city, and I would love to go back. I made some amazing new friends there, and saw some awesome Lego creations. It’s a very artistic city, with plenty to see and do, even if the weather is a touch dodgy! (It’s apparently the 5th cloudiest city in America!) I’m glad I set aside a little time to see some of the city as well as the convention.

Work has been finally getting busier again, with the Food & Wine festival going on. We’ve also had a few people leave from service, and not many people seem to be coming in to service at the moment. This means that everyone is working more than usual, and getting a little cranky. A few people have come down with colds too, myself included. Personally, I think mine is a west-coast bug, but since October hit it’s gotten colder here, which could have a lot to do with it. Not cold by UK standards, but cold for October in Florida.

Talking of cold, I’m trying to prepare myself for going home. My program finishes in just a couple of weeks, although I have requested to work the last four weeks of my visa. Management are all for it, i’m just waiting to hear back from housing to see if there’s an available bed for me. This means I can’t book my flight home, which is rather awkward, but there’s not much I can do about that.

As for anything else, I’m still plowing on with my dining challenge. I don’t think I’ll complete it, but I might at least be able to do the parks and downtown. I’ve just come back from an awesome meal at Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe, which had a lovely atmosphere as well as great food. One tick at a time, eh!!?!!

For now though, I’ll say good night. Hopefully I’ll blog again before I’m back in the UK, but I’m not making any promises!



Fingers Crossed! September 15, 2011

My weekend away was amazing! The Expo was brilliant, and meeting Jeph Jacques was just plain awesome. As are the sketches he’s done for my walls! 😀 I also managed to spend a little time actually in the capital itself, and I’ve decided that, unless you like museums, Washington DC doesn’t have a huge amount to offer. I guess it might’ve just been the part of town I was in, but I couldn’t find a cute cafe for lunch anywhere!!! I ended up eating sushi at the airport instead!

Can I also just say that I’ll never get used to coming off an airplane and not having to go through passport check! That was just plain weird!

Since I came back, I’ve mostly been working. I spent Tuesday evening after work with Teddy and Ashley, with the plan of having dinner somewhere. We decided upon Saratoga Springs, but got there just after the Turf Club had stopped seating. So we ended up eating at The Artist’s Palette instead. It was still rather yummy, and quite a bit cheaper which is a bonus!

I don’t have a huge amount in the way of plans for the next few days, although I am spending Saturday with a bunch of my Floridian friends. We’re celebrating 4 different birthdays (mine included) by spending the day in Epcot. I believe some people will be “Drinking around the World”. Whether or not I join in is yet to be seen, but I’m not sure I can get that much alcohol in me! I may just have to steal a gulp of other people’s from time to time… at least I can have said I’ll have done it then!

For now, I should be sleeping though. Night!



Don’t you just love spontaneity! September 8, 2011

The last couple of weeks have been quite fun for me! I’ve been working, as per usual. Work keeps changing it’s mind between busy and dead, but even on the quieter days the tips are improving, which is good.

I’ve been baking a little bit too! I had a party to go to last weekend, for Labor Day. It was Hawaiian themed, so I made a pineapple upside down cake! This was probably a bad idea with spring-form pans… the syrup kinda leaked out of the bottom, and made a horrid mess in the oven! Oppsy. It tasted really good though, everyone seemed to enjoy it!

And then last night, I made a meringue base for a pavlova! We’ve got a cast backstage BBQ going on today, which should be fun!

This weekend, I’m taking a couple of days off and flying north a bit to a place called Bethesda. Flying early Saturday morning, and back late on Sunday night. I just decided to be spontaneous, and there’s a convention, show type thing going on that I thought could be fun! So why the hell not?!

As for now, I should be heading into epcot! Let’s hope my pavlova goes down well! 😀



Invisible roomie August 29, 2011

So, it’s been over a week since Terri moved out. I’m meant to have a new girl moving in. She popped in late last night (and I mean gone-midnight late) to “take a look around”. She didn’t bring any of her stuff or anything. So I head off to work today, expecting her to have moved in by the time I get home, and she’s still not here! I find this very strange, and slightly frustrating on my part. I really don’t want her appearing late again tonight with all her stuff!!!

In other news, work has been the same as always. I spent this evening going round world showcase taking pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. I’d like to remember how this place looks once I’ve left, after all! I grabbed a bite to eat at the QSR in Norway too… was really yummy.

The pub is undergoing a refurbishment at the moment, the floors are being re-done. It’s really weird having half a pub, with the rest all blacked off! It’s also really annoying that all the managers are calling it rehab, not refurb! I mean, I know the pub is an alcoholic, but it doesn’t need to go to rehab! Lol!

As for now, I’m going to curl up, relax, and hope my invisible room-mate doesn’t appear with bags of stuff. We shall see.

Night world!


I’m back, ish August 15, 2011

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Service is the death of a blog. You get home later, more tired. When you’re not home you’re out more, doing other things. Blogging takes a back seat.

I’m not trying to make excuses, it’s just the way things happened. I got into service, I tried to keep up the blogging, and I tried living the life of a server. Unfortunately, something had to give, and my blog was that thing.

So, a short recap of stuff I have done… My darling Jon came to visit, and proposed to me on our anniversary at Cinderella’s Royal Table. I, of course, said yes. We visited miami, which was the longest drive I’ve ever done! Terri and I took a weekend at Caribbean Beach, and had to move rooms due to creepy crawlies (Florida is full of them). Another friend from home, Tess, came to visit, and we had an amazing time, including managing to do both Universal parks in one day. I became a service trainer, and then a core trainer. And this week is Terri’s last!

I’ve eaten at a whole bunch more places, but i’m still incredibly behind on my challenge.

I’ve planned and booked a weekend away to Seattle, at the end of September.

And there’s a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t recall right this minute. But I’ve had a lot of fun, and there’s more still to be had.

And that’s the main thing… So much more fun, still to be had, and I should be documenting it! So i’m going to try coming back to my blog. The posts may be short, simple and sweet, but it’ll be triggers to my memory. I’ll even try and fill in some more of these past few months’ gaps!

For now though, I have a flat to sort out ready to host lasses tonight. It is Terri’s last after all.



My First tipped Mid May 8, 2011

I really don’t have a huge amount to say about today. I worked a mid shift, with my lunch in Section 307 and my dinner in 707. One of my tables at lunch was the same man who got talking to my table of ladies during my training shift last Sunday! Apparently, he’s going to be coming back every Sunday to try every dish on our lunch menu!

Otherwise, my day was pretty normal. I’m now knackered though – mids are hard work. So night night!