My Disney Journey

This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

The Wait may soon be over!!! September 9, 2010

So, the last of the phone interviews were today, according to people off the WDWIP forums. And we should be getting emails re: Face-to-face interviews either tomorrow or early next week! Eeek.

So, instead of panicking about what that dreaded email might say, I thought I’d impart a little more information to the world!

So, you’ve found out about the CRP. You’ve found a way to work at Disney. Congrats! Now you need to find out everything else. I’ll start by giving you a quick run down of what the CRP is…

CRP, or Cultural Representative Program, is Walt Disney World Resort’s way of staffing the various cultural pavilions throughout Epcot’s World Showcase. WDW hires people from each country that has a pavilion, so that each pavilion is as culturally accurate (at least in terms of cast members) as it can be.

It’s a 12 month program (with the possibilty of extending to a maximum of 15 months if you’re a very good little girl or boy).

You would live in Disney Accommodation for the duration of your program. Single gender flats of 2-8 people, and you would share your bedroom with one other. These flats are usually of mixed cultures too.

Rent and bills are taken directly out of your pay cheque. So you end up with roughly $100 a week for food and sundries (varies depending on exact job role). You do, however, get benefits for working for Disney, such as free entry to all the parks, and discounts at most shops and restaurants.

The jobs available depend on which country you’re from, and thus which pavilion you’d work in. All pavilions have Food & Beverage (F&B) roles and Merchandise (Merch) roles, and some also have roles in Attractions. F&B is either Quick Service or Full Service (eg, Chippy and The Rose & Crown pub in the UK pavilion). Merchandise involves working in shops, selling goods from your country (eg, tea). Attractions involves working on rides, helping guests on and off, speaking to audiences, etc.

I think that’s enough info for you guys to be getting on with for now. I will go into more detail as time goes on, although I suspect I’ll be concentration on the application process over the next couple of weeks!

Cheers for reading, and may your dreams come true too!



Baby baby steps September 1, 2010

So, this morning I had my phone interview. I gave yummy jobs my home number, so no connection issues (like I’ve heard some people hard – that’d freak me out WAY too much). Nick was ever so lovely. I have spoken to him before when enquiring about stuff ages ago, and he was as nice as ever. Did a basic check on tattoos and piercings, double checked contact details, usual important sort of stuff. *Then* we got to the questions.

I think he covered pretty much every topic that needed covering. Questions about work, how to deal with customers, living away from home, living with other people, what I’d tell guests about Bristol (he stopped me saying he could tell I had more!). He didn’t really ask about any past times or interests, so I didn’t get to mention the uber-English bell ringing, but maybe next time.

Overall, I think it went ok. I’m just not sure if it went ok *enough*. I mean, I’m up against roughly 300 people for somewhere between 100 and 150 places at F2F interviews. I guess there’s not too much more I can do now, except wait. Wait for a couple of weeks until “mid-September” (whenever that might be) to receive an email inviting me to London or turning me away. I honestly don’t have any idea which way it will go, either. *shrug*

So yea, I’m slowly taking baby steps closer to the ever elusive goal that is Working For Disney.

Fingers crossed, as always.



One Step Closer August 29, 2010


So I appear to have failed at what I intended to use this blog for. Life got in the way, and then I wasn’t even sure if I was actually *going* to apply for a third time, but I did.

That was a few days ago. Yesterday, I got home from town to find a very understated email waiting for me.

Dear Victoria Bradly

We are pleased to inform you that you have been invited to a telephone interview. To continue, please login to your Yummy Jobs account and follow the instructions to choose a suitable date and time for you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,
The Yummy Jobs Team

So I’m one step closer than I’ve ever been before. Bare in mind that with each re-application I’ve been attacking my CV to hell to try and improve it. Seems that this time, I finally got it right. Or at least, right enough to warrant listening to me on the phone. Whether it’ll be enough to take me through to Face-to-face interviews in London is a different matter. Anyways, I’ve booked my scary little phone call for 10:30 am Wednesday morning. Thankfully, I then have work all day Wednesday, so I won’t be able to stress out over how much I messed it up too much. Because, knowing me (and I kinda do), that’s exactly what I’ll end up doing.

So, I guess, wish me luck!

Now that things are actually happening, I will try my best to actually keep this thing semi-up-to-date. If nothing else, and I get truly lucky (which I still don’t believe I will), I’ll need this blog for everyone to keep in touch with me once I’m over in Florida. Not that I’ll end up over there. Even if I am one step closer than I’ve ever been before.

I guess that’s all for now. I might actually put in a load of the info I mentioned in my first post at some point. But later on. When I’m waiting for other things, maybe. We’ll see!

Keep on dreaming!

P.S. Apologies for repeating myself lots.