My Disney Journey

This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

Water, water everywhere… November 30, 2010

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…but not a drop to drink.
We have a massive spillage of water on our kitchen floor. I don’t know who spilled it, if anyone. And if no one did spill it, no one is currently mopping it up… this is problematic, because if it isn’t a spilling then something is leaking, and quite badly at that! Sometimes, it’s awkward living with 7 other people… you can’t just go “did you spill that?” “no” “nor did I. Uhoh”. *sigh*

In other news… I promised a full blog about yesterday! Yesterday was fun. I didn’t start work until 4:30, so I thought I’d head into Epcot early and have a look around! I didn’t really know what was actually there, and I’m starting to get a better idea, which is really useful. I browsed the shops in the UK, so now I know what we actually sell (a bit of all sorts, really!) and then I headed off to the other half of the park – Future world.

I decided to explore the West side of the park (Future world is split into East and West). I missed out Imagination and went straight to The Land. From the outside, the building looks okay, but when you get inside, it’s really rather nice. They’ve got two restaurants in there, one is a quick service with loads of seating in the centre of the building – Sunshine Seasons – and the other is a full service, dinner only restaurant which sits at the back of the building – The Garden Grill. I grabbed some lunch at the Sunshine Seasons. Their selection of food there is really good, they basically have different counters for different types of food, so you can have a bit of everything if you wanted!

After that I left the Land, even though there’s other things I could do there, and headed over to The Seas. The Seas is basically a large aquarium that does research to help us understand the lives of various sea creatures including dolphins, manatees, corals, various fish, clams and more. It’s really informative whilst being fun at the same time, as they use the characters from Nemo as hosts. It’s pretty fun!

After that I headed back through the park towards world show case, stopping off in MouseGear (the big shop) to have a browse. MouseGear really is a huge shop. Not as big as the one in DownTown Disney, but for a park shop, it’s really cool. There’s a few things I spotted in there that I hadn’t seen before, and will think about getting!

After that I headed back to Mexico and Norway, had a browse round both, before heading back into cast services to get ready for work!

Work was rather quiet. It was a good night though, there was a lot of banter going on between the cast, so I’m getting to know more people, which is great. There was one little kid dressed up at Peter Pan, which was just adorably cute. And one family were giving out bracelets to everyone! They basically spent all year making these bracelets so that when they came on holiday they could give a little bit of magic back to the cast who make the magic for them! I didn’t get one though, even though I checked them in. :( Makes me wish I’d gone to their table and said hi, but never mind.

And after work was Lasses! It was the last Lads and Lasses for a couple of people, which is why we met up with the UK Lads for a change. They’re quite funny when drunk, but they did remind me of football hooligans. It was still a fun night though! Anyway, that was my day, and today has started. I have work later on again, but I’m off tomorrow! So I’m going to Magic Kingdom for the day. 😀

For now though, as Tigger would say, ttfn!


P.S. I now have a new nephew! He was born Nov 28th at 10:20pm (UK time), weighed 8lb and is called Roman Frederick. 😀 I will put a picture of him up some point soon! Thinking of that – I need to put pictures of his sister, Indigo, on here too. And my Mum and Dad. And a lot of friends from home. Mum, Dad, if you’re reading this – please send me pictures of you!


Bye lads!

Well, I had some other things that I wanted to post about earlier, but as I got home from work at 10:30 and was meeting up to go to Lasses at 11, I didn’t really have the time.

So in short (and I will post more tomorrow), tonight was fun! The UK Lads are loud and repetitive, drunk people are funny, and work today was quiet. Oh, and I spent my afternoon round epcot and I have photos to post. But yea – I’ll write a proper post tomorrow. 😀



What really makes the magic… November 29, 2010

Last couple of days have been pretty simple. Rest in the morning, maybe sort some household bits out like shopping or washing, head to work mid-afternoon. Work has been strangely quiet. Started on Chippie filler both yesterday and today, and moved over to seater/greeter later on. Closed Chippie down at the end of the night. Simple as!

Had some funny characters around though. A group of 5 twenty to thirty-somethings, without a reservation, rather drunk, trying to get a table for lunch… eventually we managed to get them in. Then they came back and tried for another table for dinner! There was the cute 50-something couple who’d just got engaged. She has a gorgeous ring, and he just looked so happy. There was the cute couple who begged me for a decent firework viewing seat that I managed to take them to… it made them so happy. Then, at the end of the night, while manning the rope to our VIP firework viewing (for our guests with inside tables), the funny couple who’d just finished drinking around the world! They seemed relatively with it until the fireworks actually started, and she turned into an exciteable 5 year old!!! 😀 They also kept double checking where we were, to make sure they hadn’t missed a country out. It amused me.

So yea – the work may be simple, and mundane, but the guests make the job enjoyable. I guess that’s the magic of Disney, for it’s cast as well as it’s guests! Yay!



Work. Yea, that thing. November 27, 2010

Today I worked. I got up, I had breakfast, I got ready, I went to work. I worked chippie filler. It was busy. Mostly, I waited on fish or chips to cook. Then I had a break. I ate. It was yummy! (Everyone – go and get the chicken Quesedilla from Odyssey. Yum.) I went back to work. I was a seater. Podium had moving inside due to rain, so I stayed outside to answer questions and direct guests to inside. And to move tickets from the printer to the inside podium. Then I got my little break. I sat and rested. Then I worked again. I was greeter. I enjoy being greeter. Mid-way through the evening we moved podium back outside. I made some people very happy by getting them tables sooner than they were expecting. Then it got quiet. I watched Illuminations. The Holiday bit added to the end is amazing. Then I hung around in case anyone else wanted to eat. I think I sat two more tables. Then I finished and I came home. Then it was now.

That was my day. I worked. I enjoyed it. Now I sleep. Thank god I get a lie in tomorrow!



Happy Thanksgiving! November 25, 2010

Today, I am thankful for many things, one of which is that I got this opportunity to live and work in Florida! I won’t bore you with the other things, but lets just say my life is pretty good right now, and I’m thankful for it all. 😀

Work today was pretty steady. I started off in Chippy, as a filler. I had to open chippy too, which I wasn’t expecting and was rather miffed about, but I managed to open it much quicker than I thought I would, so that’s all good. Then, after my break I moved over to podium as a greeter. It was all going pretty well, and everyone was pretty happy, until we had a bit of a backlog between 6:30 and 7:15. I had reservations from 6:30 complaining at me that they weren’t sat by 7, and I had to point out that a reservation is a guide time, and it only guarantees you a table, nothing more! Of course, people don’t like this, but we got them all sat eventually, and everything was good.

Then I suddenly realised it was 7:40 and I was meant to finish at 7:30!! A quick radio to Mr B, and it’s all sorted and I’m all done by 8pm. So I decided I would have a bit of a wander in the park, and grab some dinner somewhere.

I ended up in Japan. Mostly, I ended up there because I wanted to say hi to Nanako and Kana, but I also really fancied the Japanese food! I got to chat to Nanako, but Kana had finished at 5, so I didn’t see her. :( Anyway, I ate at Teppan Edo, and it was amazing. You’re sat at a table with other diners and a large grill, and the chef cooks right in front of you! It was great fun, and the food was delicious too! I’d certainly recommend going there, just for the experience!

As for now, I’m going to be heading to bed shortly. I have a very long shift tomorrow, which will be interesting, so for now, I bid you oyasumi nasai, or japanese for goodnight.



I have earnt my ears! November 24, 2010

Holly ripped my “Earning my Ears” ribbon off me after work today! I was so upset! :( Then again, this means I have finished all my training, and I’m finally a fully fledged cast member! Wooo!!! 😀

So yea, today was my greeting shift. Greeting is pretty simple, usually more so than I had today, as the system we use wasn’t working properly all day. None of our reservations would load up, so we were working off hard copies. That’s all very well, but when you get people coming up who’d made reservations earlier that morning… after our copies had been printed out… well, you can get the idea! It also got really rather busy during the evening, to the point where we stopped taking walk-ins, and then the computer decided to freeze! And after it had stayed frozen for a while, it died altogether! And so we had to go manual. Manual is all very well once you’re there, but transitioning from computerised *into* manual can be very tricky. Especially when you know you have a list of guests all waiting to be called back, but no way of knowing who they are, or which pager number they had or (as was the case tonight) what they looked like (I was taking descriptions as our pagers were being silly too!), manual can be very stressful for everyone on podium.

It was fun though, I enjoyed it. I find it a lot easier to banter with a guest when I have a purpose to talk to them – I’m taking their details, so I can ask a little about what they’ve been up to and such!

By the time I got home from work, I was kind worn out (although I’m not sure why), so I’ve spent the evening in. I’m greeting again tomorrow, but this time I’ll be all on my own! I’ll be on my own for every shift from now on, no more shadow making sure I’m doing everything right! Tomorrow is also thanksgiving, so it’s going to be really busy – although I think that means no walk-ins all day, I’ll just be checking in reservations. I pray that the system is up and running again. So does Holly, she has to assign tomorrow! And Assigning is an evil evil job when you have to go manual.

In other news, we passed our inspection. We didn’t get a white glove award, but hey. Next time I’ll bake them cookies and leave for them – that should do it!

My next few days of shifts are going to be hard work. Today was the first of 7 continuous days of work. And they’re mostly all closing shifts too. So I won’t really have a lot of time to do anything before them either. *sigh* I guess it means I’ll earn more money and not have the time to spend it! Yay!!!

Anywho. That’s all for now. Until next time!



Just keep swimming… just keep swimming!

Ahh, Dory, how we love you!

Today, I went to Blizzard Beach water park! I couldn’t have asked for better weather for it, there was brilliant sunshine, and clear skies! After the last couple of days, I was worried it was going to be too chilly for a water park today, but everything was fine. 😀

I had a bit of fun getting there too! I didn’t think the bus from Chatham was going to turn up, so I got a bus to Downtown Disney, with the intention of transferring to a public bus to Blizzard Beach. Somehow, and I partly blame the bus driver for being so nice and trying to help too much, I ended up on a bus to Saratoga Springs! I’m quite glad I did, as it’s so pretty there! There’s so much of Disney that I just don’t get to see, as it’s all the resorts and such! From there, I transferred onto a bus which did indeed take me to Blizzard Beach. I arrived just in time for lunch! 😀

Lunch today was a pesto and turkey baguette with fries, from Lottawatta Lodge. It’s pretty much the only place that does more than just snacks, but it’s pretty yummy. While eating lunch I was pondering how on earth I was going to arrange meeting up with Andrew as he doesn’t have a mobile phone, and I was wanting to put my phone in a locker and start having fun! As it turned out, I had no need to worry! I put my stuff away, started exploring the park, popping back to my locker to check my phone from time to time, and on one trip back, I bumped into Andrew! Not long after he’d arrived either 😀 So all was well.

We went on everything we could! The slides there are so fun, and I will gladly go back again. The tall, steep slide – Summit Plummet – was really fun, and you get *really* wet on it, but it’s not the steepest slide I’ve ever been on. So if you’re a chicken, and think that Slush Gusher (the bumpy, tall slide) will be nicer because it’s slower… you’re wrong. Slush Gusher speeds up, and gets steeper after the last bump! Amazing fun 😀

Anyway, now that I’ve scared people away from Blizzard Beach, it’s time for me to go to sleep! I have 7 days works ahead of me. And they’re not nice shifts either. :S I hate being the newbie. Not for much longer though! The next batch of arrivals turns up in just under 2 weeks. So it’ll be 3 weeks until I start getting nicer shifts. Ah well. It’ll do me good.

Night night everyone! Until next time…



Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!! November 22, 2010

Today has been a good day. I woke up late (sleep was needed after last night), I went shopping, I came home and cleaned up the kitchen with the help of Nanako, then we baked a cake! 😀 Hopefully the cake will taste good, but for now, we’re letting it cool.

Yesterday wasn’t too bad either. It rained, so lower deck was closed. As a seater, this means I just forget that the 6s and 7s exist! It also meant we had to get the cover for the beer-cart till. It wasn’t raining hard enough to close beer cart or to move the podium inside, but it was raining too much to draw a hopscotch :( I’ll get to draw one soon, I’m sure.

Last night, a whole bunch of UKers went out to Parliament. It’s a club in downtown orlando, and I had great fun! We didn’t leave until quite late though (waiting on people to finish work), so we didn’t get back until about 3am. It was still worth it though, and I’ll certainly consider going again!

Another piece of good news – Nanako has just discovered that we, in fact, *do* have ABC and Fox… so I *can* watch Desperate Housewives and Hells Kitchen!!! This means I better catch up with them both, and sharp-ish! 😀

For now though, I have a cake to cover in jam and icing sugar!



Simple Simon Says! November 20, 2010

…Seating is Simple!

That’s pretty much the gist of my day. I need to learn more about the pub, and get the hang of bantering with holiday makers, but otherwise… seating is a relatively simple role.

Also, Magic Moments are awesome! Getting a little kid to start the fireworks makes for a very happy kid, and an even happier dad! And I can just tell that I’m going to end up in a million and one holiday albums after this year! Haha.

For now, that is all!
Wow, an actual short post for once! Go me!



Owwie November 19, 2010

Today has been a mixed bag.
I woke up with a splitting headache because *someone* (and I wish I knew who) had left both the light and the fan on over night, in the bathroom next door, and those fans are bloody noisy! So I got ready for work, feeling groggy but ok. Hopped on the bus, which was also rather noisy… stupid aircon. Got to Epcot, changed my too-big skirt and my stained apron and walked over to the UK. At this point, I thought the day was going to improve. I was feeling better, I was on chippy filler, and everyone around me was happy.

So I head down to start my shift, which was all well and good. Dexter was the chef again today, so that cheered me up! Jamaicans are good at making people feel happy without even knowing they’re doing it! Mark was on tills, and he warned me that he wasn’t going to go easy on me. Boy did he mean it.

11:30 came around, the orders started to come in. I filled orders, I handed them out, I stayed cheery, more orders came in. And more, and more. I just kept on going and going and going. All I could do was work as fast as I could, process one order at a time, and get the food out. I had a screen full of orders, and orders backing up behind them. So I kept on going. Dexter kept saying that I was a hard working gal! Hehe. Everything was fine until I went to grab yet *another* bottle of water from the fridge, and as I stood up I WHACKED my knee on the fridge door.

Bare in mind, that it was now about 2pm, and I hadn’t stopped since 11:30. Two and a half hours going non-stop, filling orders, not even time to take a sip of a drink. The shock from hitting my knee so hard nearly made me pass out. I finished the order I was doing, grabbed a drink for myself and went out the back to just stick my head between my knees and grab a breather for a minute. Thank god the stockers were there, as they made sure I was ok and went to sort out the orders that were still waiting to go out. I knew they were there, else I’m not sure *what* I would’ve done.

Thankfully, it calmed down after that and I got to take my break. Throughout the rest of my shift the screen didn’t fill up again, which was a relief. My knee still aches now!

The thing is though, although it was a hard day, I was doing fine until I hit my knee. It was hard work, but I was still smiling and working through each order pretty happily. So my general conclusion about today is this: if I can survive that – I can survive anything. And that Mark is evil. Evil for a reason, but evil non-the-less.

So, that was the last of my chippy shifts with my “earning my ears” ribbon. I’m pretty sure I well and truly earnt my ears today. And tomorrow I can start earning my ears on the podium! Fun times. 😀