My Disney Journey

This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

Can it get any colder?! December 14, 2010

Apparently so. It was *so* windy today, which has made it really really cold. Thankfully, I spent the day on chippie tills, inside the chippie! 😀 Yay for inside warmth.

Yesterday was a bit of a boring day for the most part. I tried to do a little shopping in the morning for a pair of boots… finally found a pair I liked, but they didn’t have a pair that fitted me :( Then I made my way to work, which was pretty standard. After work I went round to Terri’s for pizza and present wrapping! We had a good old giggle, and it was good fun. Although I felt like my fingers were going to drop off after the walk home, it was that cold.

And then today, it was colder! Went to the post office this morning to discover that I won’t be sending many parcels back to the UK while I’m here! Ah well, it’s Christmas. Whether or not my parcel actually arrives by Christmas is a different matter, but I tried. 7-10 days is apparently longer than 10 working days when it comes to USPS post. :S

After work (which was ever so quiet today, it was unbelievable!) I headed to Lasses. I seem to be going every other week, which I find rather amusing. We’ll see if this trend continues. It was good fun, but I haven’t gone out with them… I got up early for the post office, so I needed a restful night. As for now, I’m curled up in my duvet because I’m really rather cold. It’s going to be a fun few days if this keeps up!



Whoppi Goldberg! :D December 11, 2010

Today has been a pretty good day!

I got up early, headed to work, ended up chippie filling for the afternoon, so the time went quite quickly, then went on my break. After my break I took over greeter, which was wonderfully simple today as we were fully booked, and weren’t taking any walk-ins. I got relieved from this position half an hour before I finished, so I was tasking for the final bit of my shift – interacting with guests on the promenade! 😀 Yes, this is what CDS (Cast Deployment System) told me to do. So I did it! Until I finished, that is. At which point I ran upstairs and got changed.

Finishing at 7:30 meant I had time to get to the American Pavillion in time to see the last showing of Candlelight at 8:15. Yesterday and Today, the narration for Candlelight was being read by Whoppi Goldberg, so I am eternally grateful to whoever rota-d me to finish at 7:30 tonight! Candlelight was really really good, the mix of songs was rather different than any carol concert I’ve been to/in before, and Whoppi has the most distinctive voice around. A Lovely, but distinctive voice. You’d never mistake her for someone else! It was quite funny though, she boogies along to the carols! She is everything I thought she would be!

After Candlelight I was rather hungry, so I grabbed some food from China, at the Lotus Blossom cafe. You know a chinese eatery is good when Chinese people are eating there! And it was indeed good – I had the beef and noodle soup and loved it! I’m still full from it now, which is always a plus.

Then it was time for home, and upon getting home I had a letter from England! This is where I have to say a HUGE thank you to Jon’s parents for not only my first Christmas Card of the year, but also two really lovely pairs of earrings. 😀 You’re too nice for you’re own good!

Tomorrow, I don’t start until 3:15, but being a Sunday, I’m not sure what I’ll get up to. I do know that I need to at least pop to Publix to buy some odds and sods, but otherwise, it is a mystery!

For now though, I bid you all well. 😀



I’m a bad girl :(

I’ve been a very bad girl and not blogged these last couple of days, but they’ve been very fun and busy and tiring days, which is no excuse, but hey – it’s my blog!!!

Wednesday started with an early morning, and a 9:45am bus to Animal Kingdom with Riyad and Terri. We had an amazing day, walking around, seeing all the animals, meeting various characters, going on safari and so on. We grabbed lunch at Restaurantosaurus, which was pretty basic, but nice. We also got to see the Lion King show, which is a must-see for everyone! It’s so much fun, and is an amazing show. It’s a little taste of broadway, with Disney Park magic thrown in. I loved it. We grabbed some funnel cakes after that, which were very yummy, but I can’t eat a whole one.

By this time it was getting quite late, and although AK had extra magic hours, it was chilly. So we headed off to Downtown Disney and the cinema. The plan was to see the new Harry Potter. We arrived just before the next showing, which was perfect, and it wasn’t even busy! It was a really good film, but being a two-parter, it did end a little abruptly. On the way home we had great fun discussing all the Harry Potter books and films and how much they’re going to have to change in the final part because of all the discrepancies in all the preceding films. Unfortunately, the discussion was cut short by the bus getting to the Commons and me having to get off.

Yesterday, Thursday, was another great day, although i started a little later. I relaxed in the morning, then Terri and Riyad came round just before lunch to head off to Hollywood Studios. We grabbed lunch shortly after getting there, at ABC Commissary. Again, pretty simple, but pretty yummy. We went on the Great Movie Ride, the Magic of Disney Animation, and we went to see the Beauty and the Beast live stage show (again, amazing – a must see), amidst general wandering round and shop browsing. We ended our Hollywood Studios day by going to see Fantasmic. Riyad had never seen it before, and was utterly raptured throughout! It was just as amazing as the previous time I’d seen it.

After Fantasmic, we made our way, again, to Downtown Disney. This time, for a final spot of Christmas shopping. I got some Disney Princess ornaments for our Christmas tree!

We suddenly realised it was getting rather late, and we hadn’t had dinner, so we grabbed some from Earl Of Sandwich (very yummy – highly recommended), before heading to Disney’s Boardwalk and Jellyrolls.

Jellyrolls is a piano bar. You request songs (by writing on napkins!) and the guys on the two pianos (yea – I said two!) play them in a really fun, often jazzy, way! It’s certainly a place I will be going back to a lot. I loved it so much. Anyone with any decent taste in music needs to go at least once. It did go on quite late, and we only just caught the last bus back home! But it was worth it. 😀

Today, I was back at work. Chippie filling all day, and it has not stopped! Combination of Extra Magic Hours, and Whoopi Goldberg here for Candlelight made for a very busy park. It was great fun though, the time flew by! Was still a tiring day.

As for now, it’s late. And I do have work again tomorrow, so I shall bid you all adiue. Congrats if you actually manage to read to the end of this post!!! It’s a bit epic, which is my fault for not posting in 3 days. I’ll try not to do it again. *slaps wrist*

So yes, night night!



Sushi and Christmas! December 8, 2010

Today was another cold day here in Orlando. I think the whole world is colder than expected at the moment, it’s kinda strange.

This morning started off with a trip to Walmart. No groceries, but odds and sods for Christmas and the flat… wrapping paper, toilet paper, a Christmas tree, etc etc. Then I got home and had to rush straight off to work.

Work was cold. I was chippie filling all day, which I’m actually glad about. In this weather, chippie filler is probably the best role – it’s inside, and it’s warm, and I had great company, which is always wonderful!

Tonight, after work, we’ve had a sushi party! Nanako has taught a few of us how to make sushi, and it seems pretty simple… just takes practice! We’ve also discovered that teriyaki chicken works *really* well in sushi! We also put together our Christmas tree and put the ornaments that we have on it. We’d like to get some more, but it’s a start towards making the flat feel like Christmas! 😀

Tomorrow, I’m off to Animal Kingdom. Spending the whole day there, which will be lovely! I’m really looking forward to seeing all the animals. It’s going to be a fun day! I think a few of us are going to head to the cinema to finally see Harry Potter in the evening. I’m looking forward to that too!! All in all, will be a fun day.

Anyway, the sushi has all been eaten, the tree is pretty, and I think it’s bed time.

Merry Christmas to you all!


Formal Fun! December 7, 2010

It’s late, I’m tired. The Formal was fun! Work was freezing. I’m glad work was freezing else I wouldn’t have been able to go to the formal.

And now… bed.

Photos coming shortly



Peak times are a pain December 6, 2010

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Especially when they kill off the internet to such an extent that I can’t use skype.

Anyways… today was an all sorts day. I started on Chippie filler, just when we didn’t need another filler, so I pretty much tasked around chippie and made sure everything was lovely. Then I had my break. Came back to general tasking… stock up crayons, check menus are show quality, sweep the dining room, bus tables. I also helped out seating in this time as there were only two other people seating, and one of them had decided she wasn’t going to seat, or watch her trainee to see if they were seating correctly, instead she decided she was a permanent table bus-er.This meant she was rather unimpressed when I was actually assigned to bussing tables… how hard is it to smile, hun? We’re on stage after all! Guests don’t want to see you scowling!

Anywho, I bumped her out, so she went home and I was a lone seater for the rest of the night. Thankfully it wasn’t too busy, so all was good. And that was pretty much it.

Until tomorrow, adieu.


Pizza! December 5, 2010

I’m currently rather full up on Dominoes Pizza! Hey, I can have lazy dinner days out here too! It’s different from Dominoes back home… can’t really say which is better.

Work was pretty good today. Being on Beer Cart is fun, so long as you have someone with you willing to banter and laugh with the guests. It does get pretty cold though. The weather wasn’t as cold as yesterday, but when you have to hold a cup and pour chilled beer into it, your hands soon start to get rather too cold for comfort. Ah well, still worth it! Might have to grab some gloves ready for next time. :)

After work, Terri came round mine to chill out and eat pizza! Terri turned up in her own arrival group, with no one else at all, bless her. She’s getting on really well though, even if she’s not exactly had a conventional start! She asked if I wanted to join her in Animal Kingdom next Wednesday too, so I think I’ll be taking her up on that offer!

As for now, today is over, and tomorrow is just beginning. So I’m going to sleep and let tomorrow begin itself properly!



Brrrrr! December 4, 2010

Back to work today! And boy, was it chilly! I spent the afternoon chippy filling, which was nice as it kept me warm. It was busy, but not crazy. Then after my break, I spent the evening seating people! That was pretty fun too, if cold. Met some lovely people again, but a pretty standard shift really.

And that’s kinda it. Tomorrow, more work. I think I’m on beer cart! Which will be a new experience for me. Obviously, I’ve been trained on it, but I’ve not had a shift on my own on Beer Cart, so fun times!



Christmas Shopping! December 3, 2010

Today was payday, so I went shopping!

I started off by going to Florida Mall where I had lunch at Taco Bell. Florida Mall proved rather fruitless for gifts though, so I came home and got on another bus to DownTown Disney. This proved to be much more successful trip. I bought stuff for people, and cards, and even a couple of things for myself. The only thing I still need to get is wrapping paper and parcel type stuff.

I would say what I’ve got, but that completely defeats the point of presents being surprises! I was upset, however, when I found out that the Lego store had run out of their advent calenders. It’s getting further and further into December, and I don’t have one :(

Anyway, after all the shopping, I had dinner at Portobello. It’s Italian, so I did compare it a little to Zizzi back home, but it was WAY better. I even treated myself to a glass of prosecco. Yay for another tick off my list… a very very yummy tick at that 😀

Tomorrow I’m back to work! I need a trip to Walmart at some point soon, but it can wait a few days at least.

For now though, bed time.



Funsies!!! December 1, 2010

I spent today at Magic Kingdom! 😀 😀 😀

Yay, funsies time. *giggle* Riyad and I turned into small children/tourists, and it was so much fun. Had great lunch at Pinocchio’s Village Haus that filled me up for the rest of the day. Spent time around Toontown meeting Princesses and Mickey and Minnie. 😀 Went on Jungle Cruise (which is just plain hilarious!) and generally just had a great time!

While eating lunch a random firework went off! You don’t realise how bright the fireworks are until you see one during the day. It was as clear as if it had been night time!

There were some amazing kids that we had a giggle with around and about. A cute little girl waiting to meet the princesses in front of us, and a few others too. It’s fun to be a cast member, because you end up being in cast member mode all the time – just trying to make peoples days brighter! Which in turn makes your own day brighter too! 😀

Wishes was amazing, as always. I managed to get some decent photos of it too! Apologies for the fuzzy castle – I need to get a tripod for next time! As Wishes was at 8pm, we scooted over to Epcot for Illuminations at 9pm. We just had time to grab a glass of wine and a crepe beforehand! I got to practice my french too, so that’s always a good thing.

All in all, a very happy day! 😀 And tomorrow I’m off Christmas shopping! So that’ll be fun too! 😀 Yay!!!