My Disney Journey

This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

The wonderful thing about Tiggers! January 23, 2011

Is Tiggers are very bouncy. As was I today! Not entirely sure why, but I just had one of my happy, bouncy, rather hyper days. I spent this morning chatting to my mum and dad (three way conversations between the US, UK and Sweden are pretty cool!) and to Jon a little bit, then I headed to work.

Now, as I started at 3:15, I assumed that I would be tasking at least until I sent someone on break. But no! I was Chippie Filler 4!!! And I stayed a filler for most of the day, until I got moved to Seating at about 6:30. Seating wasn’t too bad today either, probably because I was still in a good mood, and I had good company!

Today has gone really rather quickly, which is really good! I thought this whole week would be slow until Wednesday (when Jon gets here) but it isn’t doing so far! Tomorrow may well be different, as I have my service class. I have to be out of the house by 7am. :S Yuk. Ah well, it’ll hopefully be worth it. Time to learn to love coffee, methinks!

So for now I must sleep. Early mornings and me do not agree with each other.



On my own again January 22, 2011

I finally got my solo assigner shift today! Not that it was planned in any way. Holly couldn’t come in, and the shift swaps that we’d planned so that they wouldn’t be short-staffed wouldn’t go through, so I turned up at 12:30 and got told that I was assigning, and that Mr B currently has the board. This is all very well, but it’s always just a little bit awkward when you have to take the board off someone else and change from their game-plan to your game-plan. I got there though, eventually.

The rest of the day went pretty well. It wasn’t too busy, so things were generally ok. A couple of parties waiting slightly longer that I’d be happy for them to wait, considering their quoted times, but as Jack (the manager) pointed out to me, it was ok, and I’m just a little bit hesitant still, and it will come with time and practice!

Either way, I had to extend my shift so that I stayed until close, and as such I didn’t go to Beaches and Cream like Terri and I were planning, and instead came home and have zonked out. I’m just watching Bambi before I go to sleep. My brain is really rather tired out.

Tomorrow is another day though, and all will be well!
Night night for now,



Fragile January 21, 2011

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I’ve really not done very much today. I’ve been feeling a little fragile after last night!

TGI’s was so much fun. Riyad and I met up with Leah (who trained me as an assigner), and we were joined by Terri and Sabrina later on. Riyad and Leah knew one of the bar-men, and he made me a lovely strawberry concoction! I don’t quite know what went into it, but I had about 6 of them, and they got stronger as the night went on!!! All in all though, they were cheap, and the night was great fun. Many many giggles were had, and funny things were said (that have been documented for future evidence!). I quite look forward to repeating the night, some time in the future.

So because of that, I’ve been a little tired, and fragile today. So I’ve pretty much stayed at home, washed my hair, watched Pinocchio and some other things, and chilled.

Now, I think I’m just going to read my book for a couple of hours, then go to sleep. A very entertaining evening in my mind. 😀



Indian!!! January 20, 2011

One of the biggest things I have missed, being in America, is Indian food. English takeaway style Indian. So today, Riyad and I decided to try out the Indian place at Crossroads for lunch. It. Was. Amazing!!! Not quite like the Indian you find in the UK, it’s more authentic, and it’s Southern style (if you know your different types!). I quite liked that it was a little different too, means that I didn’t get too homesick… unlike Riyad, who was just reminded of what his mum used to make when he was little!! 😛

After that we decided to have a browse round the Outlets. Riyad bought a lovely new pair of boots, and I had slightly more success than I did the previous time I went shopping… I actually found something I liked and tried it on! Unfortunately, the cut was all wrong, so I still didn’t buy anything, but there is progress with my shopping-luck!

All in all, I’ve had a great day hanging out with Riyad, avoiding Disney places, and having fun. Tonight, we’re off to TGI’s, kinda for dinner, but mostly to hang out and drink. I’m quite looking forward to it!

Cya laters,


Silly Computers January 19, 2011

So I started today, on chippie tills, inside the chippie. Then Mr B came down and told me to go outside, even though those tills were playing up. So I moved. Then it transpired that the outside, left-hand till wasn’t printing! So I tried to move to the right one, but the system locked me out instead. I eventually managed to sign back into the left one, but still with no printer.

I carried on with no printer for a while, apologising to everyone that I couldn’t give them a receipt. Then Andrea started and took over the right till, so I could sign off my till while Jack and Mr B tried to fix it. So I spent 30min to an hour waiting for my till to work. Fun times. We eventually got it working again, but then Andrea’s till decided to sign her out, and it wouldn’t sign her back in again, so Mr B gave up and moved us both inside.

Everything from that point went rather swimmingly. Inside was working, although it did get rather crowded in there (we’re over-staffed atm, so we had 4 fillers, 2 tills and the stocker hanging around, not to mention the 2/3 chefs!) Eventually I went on break.

Break was fun. The sun was shining, I had pleasant company, we had a giggle. Mark is actually showing signs of being a nice guy! I did manage to make him blush and get rather bashful, which was rather amusing, and then provided me with more amusement throughout the rest of the afternoon!

When I came back from break, the tills were outside again, so I’m guessing IT came along and fixed things while I was gone. The rest was just pretty normal. It was a quiet day. We didn’t really need two tills on, but we had them! This evening has been pretty peaceful for me too. I caught up on Desperate Housewives, and generally chilled.

Tomorrow, Riyad and I are going to try out a local Indian for lunch. Fingers crossed, it’s actually pretty good! That’s kinda all for now though.



What task comes next? January 18, 2011

I swear (a la Arran – that is his phrase after all), that I have spent the last three days pretty much just tasking. Today, I tasked. Except for the 45 minutes during which I was a Chippie filler, so Tori could have her break, and for the last hour and a half, after a load of people had left and I was greeting. Tomorrow is going to make a wonderful change, being on chippie tills!!!

There really was nothing interesting to today though. It just was. I tasked. That’s about it. :)



Rain!!! January 17, 2011

Today was wet. Very wet. Absolutely chucking it down with rain kind of wet. This, of course, made the park very quiet. So I got into work at 1:30 and proceeded to task, again. I had my lovely poncho on, so I didn’t mind going in and out all the time, but because it was so quiet, the tasks I was assigned to do by CDS (the silly computer system) didn’t actually need doing! I managed to spend some time emptying the crayon box, peeling the stickers off it, sending it to pot-wash, and filling it up again! That was fun. Anyways, I went to the managers and basically said “I’m happy to stay and work, but I’m tasking and haven’t needed to do anything, so if you need to send anyone home, I’m happy to go.” Yelitza cheered! 😛 Jack then told me to put it through the system as he was approving any ERs (Early Releases) that got put through, as long as I wasn’t on until close, which I wasn’t. So I came home at 4pm.

Due to my early finish, Terri and I decided we should go out for dinner. After Terri’s amazing find yesterday in the shop at Boardwalk, I now have a book detailing every dining location in WDW! 😀 So I had a look through it and picked out a place called Pepper Market at Coronado Springs. Off we went to Coronado Springs then!

Pepper Market is lovely. It’s like an open-air market. You get seated at a table, get given a ticket, and then you get to browse round different food stalls and order your food to be freshly made. They stamp your ticket showing what you ordered, you enjoy, and then you pay on the way out… having accumulated as few or as many stamps as you want on your ticket! The food is nicely varied as well, ranging from burgers and pizza and pasta to enchiladas, burritos, and even cakes and pastries for dessert. I highly recommend anyone to try this place out.

So after having a good evening chatting and eating, we decided we’d get a guest bus to Downtown Disney, have a wander round there, before heading back home. Which is exactly what we did! We thought about going to the cinema, but there were no more showings by the time we got there. So home it was. And that’s where we are now! Soon to go to bed though, as we both have work tomorrow, and things to sort out before going to work.

Night all!


Start of the day goodness! January 16, 2011

Also known as breakfast! Terri and I went to the Captain’s Grille in the Yacht Club this morning, to experience the joy of a Disney buffet breakfast! And what a joy it was. They had everything… eggs, bacon, sausages, fruit, pastries, pancakes, bagels, cereal, porridge, eggs benedict and more! All for a very handy set price, with re-fillable juice included. 😀 I must say though, bacon just isn’t the same here, and the lack of Baked Beans was disappointing. I wasn’t as upset as Terri by this though, as I had Baked Beans yesterday at St Andrews. 😀

There was meant to be more of us for breakfast, but everyone else pulled out at the last minute. Their loss though, I suppose! 😛

After we were happily filled, Terri and I decided to spend some time in Hollywood Studios before I had to run off to work. We mostly just wandered around watching people, but we did decide to go and watch the American Idol Experience, which was rather fun!

So eventually I had to head back to Epcot and do some work. Work today was the same as usual. I tasked until I went on break (kinda boring) and then I was a seater for the remainder of my shift. For some strange reason, the seaters were kept quite busy tonight. There was three of us, but whenever I came back out after seating a table, there were almost always tickets waiting! At least it meant the evening went reasonably quickly, which is always a bonus when seating.

Since getting home, I’ve pretty much just hung out with Terri, chatted about stuff and chatted to friends online. Tomorrow will probably be more of the same!



Epcot as a guest! January 15, 2011

I have had a very long day today. I got up really early to go and meet some friends for 9am to go round Epcot. I’ve had such a fun day, going on all the rides, doing Epcot as a guest. We went over to the Boardwalk for lunch, and ate at Big River Grille. I had a burger, which was rather yummy, but I couldn’t finish it. I think the rides made my tummy a little unsettled, although it was well worth it.

After lunch we came back into Epcot and carried on round World Showcase, browsing as we went. Eventually, we headed back out the front, and off in the car to a British pub called St Andrews, in Altamonte Springs. We had a good time there, and it’s pretty authentic! Even the food reminded me of home, which is always nice.

I spent the rest of my afternoon and evening at St Andrews, until we left at about 10pm, and I got a lift back home. Since then, Terri and I have been hanging out, chatting and watching a movie called Easy A, which has proven to be a bit of a giggle.

Plans for tomorrow include ringing my Grandma for her birthday, going for breakfast at the Yacht Club with a group of people, and going to work. But for any of that to happen, I must sleep!



Laptop Issues January 14, 2011

I went to downtown disney today, and completely and utterly failed to buy anything. This is good news for my bank account, but bad news for wanting to shop. I had lunch at Cap’n Jack’s. It’s primarily a seafood restaurant, which is amusing as I don’t eat fish, but they did have a very nice chicken and parmesan open sandwich with marinara sauce. I also had a “Fuzzy Captain” cocktail, which was very very yummy, and I didn’t finish it, but I was allowed to take it away with me. 😀

After walking around Downtown a lot (just generally wasting my time) I came back home, but stopped off at the outlet mall. There’s nothing I really want, but I wouldn’t have minded buying something if it leapt at me. Nothing did. This was rather upsetting, as I was in a shopping mood. So I came back home and did my washing, and then Terri got home and we went to the food court in the mall to grab some dinner. So I can at least say that I have bought something from the mall today. Even if it was only Taco Bell!

My new laptop is being a bit stupid though. Whenever I try to start my video, the internet crashes. And when I then try re-starting it, the wireless adaptor is disabled. So at some point I’m going to try updating a load of software on it, clearing off the software I don’t want, and generally trying to fix the issues. Grrrrr.

Right now though, I’m going to bed as I’m up early tomorrow to meet up with Floridian friends for rides in Epcot! Yaaaay! 😀