My Disney Journey

This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

Not again… February 28, 2011

So I woke up this morning and just didn’t feel right. I was just drained, and didn’t much feel like assigning. But there’s not a lot I could do, so I got up and went to work. As the day’s gone on, I’ve finally realised that this wasn’t just me having a bad day, I am in fact coming down with something again. The sneezing, snuffly nose, and general tiredness convinced me of this. So now that I’m home from a thankfully slow day of assigning, I think I shall get myself to sleep and try to re-coop a little. I just wish I would stop catching silly little bugs and be healthy again!



Um… stuff. February 27, 2011

Not much to report today. I have no budgets at the moment, so no one really cares what kind of numbers I hit when Assigning. Makes my job both very easy and very hard all at the same time.

Found out that Jack will be back on the 13th, which will be good. The menu change is the 16th, and St Paddy’s day is the 17th, so that’s going to be a busy week. Hopefully the Pre-service pack will be updated by then, so I can pick it up and learn the right menu.

I have training shifts next week. Not sure who I’m training or where, but that should be pretty fun too. After training Terri as an assigner, I have a little more confidence in myself as a trainer, but we’ll see. I might try and grab the books and run through them myself before I have to train people. Just make sure I don’t miss anything.

That’s pretty much all for today.



I miss my piano.

So back to work for me today. It felt kinda odd, I think my body was expecting a second day off work and it just never came, so the whole day felt kinda off.

I did a bit of everything at work today. Seating, Chippie tills, filling, the usual stuff. I finished at 7:30 though, which was rather nice. I decided to go and watch the night’s final performance of The British Invasion, then wander round world showcase.

I left Epcot at about 8:30… didn’t want to stay for the post-fireworks home rush. I already knew I wanted to go to the Boardwalk, so I decided upon getting some dinner at Kouzzina. It was really very yummy! My seater was really nice and friendly, and if I’d gotten his name I’d probably have given him a Guest Fanatic card. But ah well. The food was amazing… had a lovely lamb pasta dish, the lamb was cooked to perfection, and the saffron pasta was subtle, but lovely. I somehow managed to finish it all, and squeeze pudding in. I had a chocolate sponge cake thing, that was warm and melty inside. Very similar to the chocolate melt I used to sell in Zizzi. It was amazing, and just the right size. Any bigger and I would’ve exploded.

After dinner I went to Jellyrolls. It’s been an age since I last went, and I really fancied going again… hence why I knew I was going to Boardwalk. Jellyrolls for me is a free night, I choose not to drink (which can be very expensive), and I just enjoy the music. (Free entry for cast is awesome!) I somehow got chatting to the slightly drunk guy next to me, but I had a great night none-the-less. I think he may have spoken to me first actually, I would’ve been content to spend all night in my own little bubble. Was still good fun though.

I had a bit of a shock as I came out of Jellyrolls! I used to follow a vlog of a guy called John Henselmeier. He’s a CP that extended, then went seasonal, and now has a job in some other sector of Disney. He’s a great guy and made great videos, and gave a lot of good advice to people moving here. As I came out of Jellyrolls, who do I see stood there, having just come out themselves, but John Henselmeier and his friends!!! It made me laugh so much that the world could be that small.

I did, however, make two mistakes in the process of coming home. My first mistake was failing to leave at midnight, like I originally planned. By the time I looked at my clock, I knew I wouldn’t make the 12:16 bus. So I waited until 12:35, so that I could catch the 12:50 bus. So all fine and dandy, I’ll just get home a little later. Got on the bus, no problem. Next thing I know I’m at vista. This bus stops at Chatham before Vista. Damn… I’d fallen asleep and missed my stop. Grrrrr. Back onto another bus (which I had to wait 20min for) to take me back. Finally got home, and now need to sleep. Assigning will be fun tomorrow.

So G’night!


Third time lucky. February 25, 2011

I went to Typhoon Lagoon today!!! First time I planned to go it was too cold, second time I had caught a cold, so it was third time lucky! Yay!!! It was well worth the wait. The weather was amazing, the company was fantastic as always (Terri, you’re a star), and I had a great day. We ate at Leaning Palms, which was the usual Disney generic quick service affair – I had chicken nuggets, but it was good.

Typhoon Lagoon’s main attraction is it’s wave pool. It’s not like a normal wave pool, it creates waves that you can surf on! There’s only two ways to stay above the wave, and both require at least a little skill. The first is to be right at the front of the pool and ride the wave as it starts to grow. The later is to be nearer the back, so that you can jump and still keep your head above the wave. If you are anywhere else, the wave will hit you and wash over you, regardless of what you do! The other rides there are pretty cool too. There’s a “water-coaster” which tries to emulate a roller coaster but as a water slide. There’s a whole load of other fun slides too. You can even go snorkeling to see and swim with fish, including sharks and rays!

After I’d happily spent a wonderful day basking in the sun with Terri, she ran off to work and I headed home. Once there I generally chilled out, chatted to mum on skype, did some laundry, and played with my new phone. It’s not fully set up yet, but I’m awfully excited to have a fully working Smart phone!

And now I guess it’s time for bed. I may not have done huge amounts with my day, but It’s been a wonderful day off, I have the start of a tan, and I feel happy to be going back to work tomorrow. So I bid you all good night!



Jelly Tots! February 24, 2011

Today has been rather a mixed bag – just like jelly tots! (which I kinda miss). I got into work to find that Jane had called in sick, so I had to assign. Just as well I was starting at the right time anyway, however I didn’t want to extend, so I got in touch with Terri and we arranged that she’d take over when I left at 5:30. And so started an unexpected Assigning day.

I had a lot of big tops again. Not very many servers (again, due to call ins), and I highly doubt I met budget, but we’ll see. I basically went from having a screen of 6 and ups to a screen of 2s back to a screen of 6 and ups! Very strange indeed. I didn’t really have a break, as I took my 15 minutes while pre-meal went on, but I was also listening to pre-meal and loading up the evenings floor plan. Meh, I knew it would happen, and I got to eat my cookies so I don’t mind.

After work I went home with Jenny and hung out with her for a while. Then I toddled over to the Outlet mall to grab some dinner and have a browse in the shops. I found myself a cute little shoulder wrap, which will prove useful for carrying around in the summer for use against air con! And then it was back to Commons for Carl’s leaving party. Neil was hosting, and it was a really good do all round. I’m going to miss Carl (he’s self-termed, but for good reasons). He’s certainly a one-of-a-kind guy. Ah well. *waves at Carl* Enjoy the UK mate!

And then it was back home and now bed.



Lie-in!! February 23, 2011

I had a lie in! For the first time in ages on a work day! It was amazing, and I loved it.

I slowly made my way into work for 2pm. Met the newbies! Hi Amy, Laura, Lucy and Paula! It’s really nice to have multiple people from my interviews finally here (Jen and Terri not withstanding)! I actually had my interview with Laura, so much for me thinking she’d be a merchie! I had a pretty good day at work too. Started off greeting, then I broke Terri and Assigned, then took my break, then went into chippie (Oh, how I’ve missed chippie! Seriously, I’m not joking!) and then back to seating before coming home. I’ve hit every position that didn’t require a till today. It’s quite impressive really!

Either way, after a good day at work, Terri and I came home, ordered pizza and ate. I got chatting to an old friend of mine from school – she’s the entire reason I even know about the Disney programs, for which I love her. Hi Alice! She also told me that one of her friends from her ICP reads my blog too, so I feel I have to say hi to Dan as well!! Hi! 😀

And now I’m writing this and geeking out about Lego with Dave on skype! It’s made me realise that the sooner I go into service, the sooner I can buy loads of expensive sets! Lol! Don’t think I will buy too many though – I have other things I want to save for as well.

Soon I will be sleeping. I’m opening again tomorrow. Not assigning though, just regular podium something. Whatever it may be!



When you wish upon a star… February 22, 2011

I think I’m cursed on beer cart. Last week, when I went to open up, I had no power to the front side of beer cart, and as such I had no till, no cooler, and thus no beer. Today, when I went to open beer cart, the till had decided it didn’t want anyone to sign on!!! Fun times. Annie (Area manager) and Michael (covering GT who can’t do most of the stuff GTs should be doing!) managed to get Annie working on the till… but being Area manager she couldn’t exactly stand there serving beer all day… and then they got me working!

So now, Annie and I are the only people who can actually sign onto Beer cart. Hopefully, they’ll have this fixed by tomorrow, as I’m not in until 2pm! It also meant that other people have been using my number during today. Of course, if there were any problems with the bank out, no one can be held responsible!!!

The rest of my work day went pretty smoothly though. Once I’d been broken off of Beer cart that is. CDS was being really silly, and I got my break an hour later than I should have! Fun times. After that I Assigned for an hour while Jane went on her break, and then I spent the remaining hour of my shift seating.

Once I finished work, I had decided I wanted to see Wishes. So I made my way to Magic Kingdom, where I met Terri, and stopped at a really good viewing spot, and we made our wishes to the fireworks! Then we hopped on a bus to Caribbean Beach (after a little discussion of where to go) and grabbed dinner at Old Port Royal Food Court. There’s a really nice selection there, and I’m sure pretty much everyone in a party would find something they like. I enjoyed the pasta I got, and Terri enjoyed her mini-pizza.

After that, it was pretty much time for home, chilling, blog posting, and now bed. I have a lie in tomorrow! I’m so happy about it. I woke up this morning and just thought “I’m bored of opens.” For now though, ttfn!



Waves February 21, 2011

So work was work. Assigning was as usual. The guests kind of came in waves today. When I had space in the restaurant, I was getting no walk ups to podium, when I had a load of reservations to get in, I also had walk ups asking. It was rather annoying.

I had a bit of a spat at the end of the evening. I had two large parties, set to go onto two different spots. I’d checked with each server to see if they thought the tables in question would leave by a certain time, and they both said yes. And then, while I was waiting for these tables to free up, both servers came to me and went “I don’t think they’re going to move now!”. It was so frustrating!!! I then ended up running around a little bit (I had a load of other tables to deal with too), and eventually managed to get both tables in. They sat later than they wanted, but I explained the situation to them both, apologised profusely, and still got them amazing tables (no idea how!), so everyone was happy in the end.

And now I’m just sat on the sofa, chilling with my French flat mates! I’ve just put in a Amazon order for a couple of books, a French children’s book included… hopefully I can start learning French properly again! My new phone (yay taxes) has been shipped too, so that should be here in a few days. I’m quite looking forward to having a smart phone! Should be fun! 😀

That is all for now. Gunna grab a bite to eat, then probably head to bed eventually.



It’s a little bit funny! February 20, 2011

Or at least, this day has felt it. I’m not entirely sure why, but assigning today just went… I dunno really… weird. It wasn’t hard, or easy. In fact, it went pretty smoothly. But it was a very different day to other days.

Either way, it was a good day. Terri has her service class tomorrow – she better not wake me up in the morning! I’m sure she won’t though, she’s pretty good like that. And tomorrow, I’m assigning again, which I’m pretty thankful for. Podium has gone a little bit crazy this week, with everyone rotating between every position… beer cart, chippie tills and stocking included. Yes, all the girls are being trained as stockers. Assigning, on the other hand, is still a set shift, and I get to watch the crazy from the sidelines! Fun times.

Back to normality though… I’m actually blogging again (whoop whoop!). And so, it’s off to bed for me!



Still alive…

I’m still here, still alive, and still loving Florida. I’ve been really bad at blogging for the last week or so, and I’m as annoyed at myself with this as you, my readers, must be. I’m kicking myself back into gear now, and I hopefully won’t fall off the wagon again!

Since my last post I’ve been rather busy… had a lot of assigning shifts, been out and about, got ill again (just about getting over that now), and even trained Terri to be an assigner! I watched a woman fall flat on her face, and saw management and the alpha-team deal with everything very well. We’ve met the two recent sets of newbies (Hi Feb arrival people!). The first set seem to be doing pretty well in the pavilion, and the second set are due to start On-the-job-Training on Wednesday.

I’ve eaten at a couple of places too. I did a repeat of T-Rex (My first repeat! Shock horror, my last for a little while too), and Terri and I decided I need to build myself a pre-historic friend! So we did that too, and I now have a lovely Saber-Toothed-Tiger called Salimah. 😀 She’s a beautiful girlie. We also went to Chef Mickey’s for buffet dinner on Thursday. It was really yummy, and was rather fun to dine with Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, Goofy and Donald!

As for now, I’m back off to work. Assigning today, and tomorrow. And I’ll try to keep this updated from now on! (And I’m sure I’ll say this many many times over the year)