My Disney Journey

This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

Damn call ins. April 10, 2011

Today has been a crazy day.

The assigner called in, so I got a phone call from Yelitza asking if I would come in and assign today. I made it from my bed to the bus in just 25 minutes… that includes getting completely ready for work! I wasn’t expecting to start work until 2:30, and I thought I was training chippie tills again. I think Kylie trained in my place.

Either way, assigning went really well. I got loads of people into the restaurant (or at least, everyone that wanted to get in at lunch I did!) The end of the night just went like clockwork, as Jack said. I got a walk-in 10 and a walk-in 14 in, no problems! It was rather amusing in fact.

Oh, and Jack, the manager, came back today!!! Yay!!! He’s been on Medical leave for about 3 months… there’s loads of people here he doesn’t know, and most of the people he did are now in service! It was really good to have him back though, I loved it!

After work, Terri cooked up some pasta for dinner, and then we went and sang the last song to a load of people who’re leaving in the next couple of weeks. It was kinda sad, because I’ve actually gotten to know most of these people quite well, whereas anyone who’s left before now, I haven’t as much. They’ll still be around for a couple more days though, so not that sad just yet.

As for now, I should sleep, as I know I’ll be assigning tomorrow, and I’m training.



Till time. April 9, 2011

Not a huge amount to report today. I went to work and was training Stevie-Rhiannon and Mo on chippie tills. It was a pretty good day all in all, it was their first day on tills, so we closed chippie down, then I came home.

Now I’m going to watch Alice in Wonderland before heading to sleep.



Here, there and everywhere! April 8, 2011

Work was very bitty today. I started work, then I left work to go to a round-table meeting… that I was 30 minutes early for (not my fault that my schedule was wrong!). The meeting was with various different food and beverage cast members from around Epcot, and with the head of Food and Beverage… a lovely lady called Mandy. It was a pretty good meeting really, if rather random. We basically spoke about various aspects of running food and bev locations within Epcot and stuff.

Once that meeting had ended, I could’ve gone back to work, but if I had then I would’ve turned up at work just to turn around and head back the way I’d come because I had to get a proctor code thing done, so I waited around until the guy who needed to see me about that was available. We did the very short thing that was needed to be done on the computer, and I could finally head back to work.

I got back to work, having realised that I hadn’t had a break (all 15 minutes of it!), so I took that, then got put on beer cart, which was pretty fun. Then it came time for me to leave (about an hour and a half after I came back from break – told you it was a bitty day!). So someone else brought a till down to beer cart, I banked out, then I called CDS to change my clock out time, then went to get my bump out from the computer. The computer decided it didn’t want me to go home and put me back on beer cart. So I rang CDS again. This happened three times before the lady on the phone decided to stay on the line to make sure I could actually clock out, which I then could, so all was well.

So, I headed home, having denied an offer of meeting Terri in Magic Kingdom, feeling quite tired and very hungry. I sorted some dinner, then decided upon a lazy movie night, so I’ve watched Lady & the Tramp, and will now watch Make Mine Music before going to sleep.

So I bid you good night!



Can I see your pins please? April 7, 2011

I decided I needed a bit of a lazy start to my day today. So I spent most of my morning and a fair bit of my afternoon at home, chilling out and chatting to Jon on skype. I eventually decided that I really should go out, as Taylor isn’t in the US for very long, so I popped over to Hollywood Studios to meet up with her, her mum and their friends. We did a little pin trading (which is new-ish thing for me – it’s great fun!) before deciding we were hungry and it was dinner time. So we left Hollywood Studios and hopped on a boat to the Swan & Dolphin, where we ended up at Il Mulino New York Trattoria for dinner. It’s a lovely Italian place, and the food was great! For anyone who likes Italian, I recommend heading there.

After dinner, we all headed up to Magic Kingdom (they were staying at the Contemporary) for a bit more park wandering and pin trading. There was a lot of pin trading though! It’s surprising how much you can get in a few short hours… I started and completed one hidden Mickey set, and I’m one pin short of completing a second. I need to somehow aquire a lot more trader pins though, that’s my problem. To eBay!!!

Anyway, now I’m home, and much as I’ve had an amazing day, I start work earlier than I thought I did tomorrow, so I really need to be sleeping now.



Friendly faces! April 6, 2011

Today I went to Seaworld!!! 😀 It was amazing! A friend of mine from the UK, Taylor, is in Florida this week visiting friends and family, me being one of the friends. So we decided to go to Seaworld as I hadn’t been yet, and it would be a bit different from all the Disney/Universal that she has and will be doing this week.

I had such a good day hanging out with Taylor. I didn’t realise it, but I do miss spending time with a lot of my UK friends. For anyone who’s reading this… I miss you guys!

Anyway, onto the day… it got rather hot, so it was quite nice to be in and out of the shade and dipping hands into the water to feel the rays and dolphins and stuff. We saw both the Dolphin and the Killer Whale shows (the later of which is changing soon, so I’ll be going back!) We only rode one of the roller coasters, Kraken, and spent the majority of our day visiting all the different animals.

We left at about 5pm, and found a bus to Disney. We decided to stay on right until Magic Kingdom, and spent the rest of our evening there. We mostly just wandered around and looked at things, thought about going on some rides until we looked at wait times and thought better of it. We did go to see the Country Bear Jamboree, which was rather amusing. I hadn’t done it before, hence wanting to. I giggled, so that’s always a good sign.

And now, I’m really tired, as I was up early this morning for Seaworld. So I’m off to sleep.



Big top Central! April 5, 2011

Assigning today!!! Lunch was very sluggish, everything just seemed to move slowly. Dinner was another matter. It went from dead to stupidly busy very quickly. It was dead, and very little was coming in, although my floor was reasonably full. And then my reservations all turned up. At this point I had had 5s and 6s try as walk ins, but a load of 2-top tables were empty. It was very frustrating. And I had about three 2s on the reservation list!!! Regardless of that though, there was a point when I had the following on my wait list:
Two 12s.
An 11
A 9
A 7
And about three 6s!

I think the kitchen hated me.

Then to top off the kitchen hate, I sat the last table at 8:58!!! Then again, everyone seemed to be in a really good mood, so I don’t think they hated me that much! Lol.

Terri’s been going on about her Service training since she got home. I only know that she did well because her trainer, Sarah, was running around busing tables, running food, even seating! That, to me, just shows how much confidence Sarah had in Terri. I just hope my trainers have as much confidence in me when it’s my turn to train.

Anyway, I’m out early in the morning, so I really should be sleeping already. Night world!



Bored, bored, bored. April 4, 2011

So today was boring. I was training chippie tills with two trainees. Both my trainees had been on their own when they’d had their first day on tills, so I was barely needed today. I had a day where I mostly stood and watched!

And that’s about it really. I got home, had a shower, spoke to a friend from home (he has insomnia!) and now I’m off to sleep.

Assigning tomorrow… I have to make sure that Terri gets an Allergy table, as she hasn’t had one during her training yet, and all I’m hearing about right now is how much she wants an allergy!!!

Night world.


Am I Rapunzel? April 3, 2011

So I was assigning today. I was in a really good mood this morning, and was determined to make the day go well. So even when I had some annoying tables (like the reservation of 8 that checked in late… two minutes after I’d sat both locations it could go in!) I pretty much just giggled at the stupidity of it all. And then right at the end everything went just a bit stupid because one the coordinators decided to stick their big nose in and question why I couldn’t take a table of 10 (dur… do we ever have space for a 10 outside at 8pm?!?!), and got management involved. And the manager was someone who doesn’t fully know how our location works, and doesn’t really understand the plot anyway!!! For Mickey’s sake. *sigh*

So anyway, I came home rather tired and fed up with people, so Terri and I watched Tangled (as she bought it off itunes yesterday) We decided that I’d make a good face character of Rapunzel – we share a lot of mannerisms! Terri has fallen asleep right at the end of the film though! So I think I’ll be sorting out turning her laptop off and stuff.

Now, I should sleep too. I’m rather tired after the nonsense of the end of my evening, and I’m training tomorrow. Not until later though, so a nice little lie in for me. :)



64 Photos later… April 2, 2011

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Day off Numero Duo!

Terri and I had a very lazy, household-y day today. We had another lie in, which was great, and then ordered pizza for lunch. We basically tidied up, sorted out a few odds and ends, watched a film, sorted out a load of photos to print out, and other such girlie stuff! We decided on McDonalds for dinner, and came home via Walgreens to print all the photos that we wanted. Our room now looks much tidier, and things are generally rather more organised! We also spent a lot of the day chatting to Jon on skype while we tidied, which was rather amusing, as it was evening for him!

And now, having cooked up my lunches for the week, I will be sleeping. Terri starts her service training tomorrow, and will be up very early indeed, and I’m assigning, so that’s all fun!



Finally posting this box!!! April 1, 2011

So today was the first of two days off that both Terri and I have. It’s been a long long time since Terri and I have had two days off together, so it’s been a really fun day.

We started the day with a lie in, and then brunch at Panera bread. I took Jon’s (very late) birthday box with me, so that I could write his card while eating, and post it before heading off elsewhere. While in Panera bread, Tori and Chris were there and said hi! We knew we were going into Epcot later in the day, so we asked if they wanted to join us. They had some other stuff to do first, but would give us a ring when they got into Epcot.

So, we walked back to Commons, where I did the online postage paying thing for Jon’s box of goodies, and handed it in to the front desk at commons. Fingers crossed it’ll get to the UK quicker than it took for me to post it! 😛 While buying the postage, I got a call from Teddy, who was also off today, so Terri and I arranged to meet up with him too.

So, instead of hopping on a C bus at commons, we walked back to Patterson and found Teddy and his car. It was rather nice to drive to Epcot for a change, and come through the front entrance, like a guest should! The Lotso topiary smells amazing! All strawberries and yumminess! But anyway! We headed over to Soarin’ first, because we could, and then made our way into World Showcase. The intention was to get a Duffy Bear on a Stick, and get the stamps from around the world. We kind of failed at it though, so we’ll try again another day! So yea, we started in Canada, and went to see the show, O Canada! while there. It’s a pretty good show, if a little pretentious! I’m so glad the UK doesn’t have a show like that.

Afterwards, we met up with Chris and Tori in the UK, bought some cocktails at the bar (the English Rose is so yummy!!!), generally chatted with some people, and got the UK stamp on our Duffys. Next stop was France, where Chris and Tori bought a wine tour thing, and we got our stamps. By this time is was nearly 7pm, so Terri, Teddy and I ran ahead to Italy to see if we could get into Tutto Italia for dinner. As it turned out, we could, but Chris and Tori weren’t going to join us, and Teddy admitted that he just wanted fish and chips!!! So the five of us met back up at the Rose and Crown.

Janey was assigning today, and we’d already asked her if we could get a fireworks table for desserts, so we just turned up early and said she could take as long as needed to sit us. While waiting for our table, we decided to go and pester some merchies! I took a lovely photo of Riyad in uniform, lol!

So, we sat at about 8pm (perfect timing), on a great table for viewing (assuming the lower deck people would actually lower their umbrella, that is), and were served by Leah, which was just hilarious! She asked Terri to write the drinks order onto her pad, she asked me to spiel the appetizers when they came out! It was just a great big giggle really! 😀 I had the Roasted Chicken Breast, which was really yummy, and the stuff that comes with it complements it really well.

After dinner, Tori and Chris needed to head to the Italian and German pavilions to complete their wine tour, and as it was Extra Magic Hours, the park was still open, so there was no problem. So we wandered round to Italy, they got their wine, and I tried to buy a glass of sparkling rose for myself and Terri, but somehow, the guy stood at the counter, ended up buying for us!!! I wasn’t saying no to that, certainly! I’m still not quite sure how that happened, but ah well.

We carried on round, Tori and Chris got their wine from Germany. We popped into China, just to find it all closed up. Then into Norway, where we rode on Maelstrom. After that, Teddy really wanted to ride the Grand Fiesta Tour in Mexico, so we went that way! And had a right giggle over the craziness of Donald Duck.

By that time, we were all pretty tired, and so Teddy drove us home. And now I’m going to sleep, after a very fun day! I expect we will be having another lie in tomorrow!