My Disney Journey

This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

Magic! January 6, 2011

This post is coming to you from Magic Kingdom!! From Pecos Bill Tall Tale Cafe in fact! Which is proving to be yummy although I don’t have much of an appetite right now, due to being ill. I’m just generally having a lazy, wandering day off, meandering round MK, and watching the world go by! I’ll be heading into Epcot later to meet up with Terri after work for dinner, then there’s a group of us from the UK going out to Cowboys tonight, as a leaving do for Terri (not my roommate) and Damion. It should be a lot of fun!

As for now, I’m off to wander MK some more!



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