My Disney Journey

This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

I miss my piano. February 27, 2011

So back to work for me today. It felt kinda odd, I think my body was expecting a second day off work and it just never came, so the whole day felt kinda off.

I did a bit of everything at work today. Seating, Chippie tills, filling, the usual stuff. I finished at 7:30 though, which was rather nice. I decided to go and watch the night’s final performance of The British Invasion, then wander round world showcase.

I left Epcot at about 8:30… didn’t want to stay for the post-fireworks home rush. I already knew I wanted to go to the Boardwalk, so I decided upon getting some dinner at Kouzzina. It was really very yummy! My seater was really nice and friendly, and if I’d gotten his name I’d probably have given him a Guest Fanatic card. But ah well. The food was amazing… had a lovely lamb pasta dish, the lamb was cooked to perfection, and the saffron pasta was subtle, but lovely. I somehow managed to finish it all, and squeeze pudding in. I had a chocolate sponge cake thing, that was warm and melty inside. Very similar to the chocolate melt I used to sell in Zizzi. It was amazing, and just the right size. Any bigger and I would’ve exploded.

After dinner I went to Jellyrolls. It’s been an age since I last went, and I really fancied going again… hence why I knew I was going to Boardwalk. Jellyrolls for me is a free night, I choose not to drink (which can be very expensive), and I just enjoy the music. (Free entry for cast is awesome!) I somehow got chatting to the slightly drunk guy next to me, but I had a great night none-the-less. I think he may have spoken to me first actually, I would’ve been content to spend all night in my own little bubble. Was still good fun though.

I had a bit of a shock as I came out of Jellyrolls! I used to follow a vlog of a guy called John Henselmeier. He’s a CP that extended, then went seasonal, and now has a job in some other sector of Disney. He’s a great guy and made great videos, and gave a lot of good advice to people moving here. As I came out of Jellyrolls, who do I see stood there, having just come out themselves, but John Henselmeier and his friends!!! It made me laugh so much that the world could be that small.

I did, however, make two mistakes in the process of coming home. My first mistake was failing to leave at midnight, like I originally planned. By the time I looked at my clock, I knew I wouldn’t make the 12:16 bus. So I waited until 12:35, so that I could catch the 12:50 bus. So all fine and dandy, I’ll just get home a little later. Got on the bus, no problem. Next thing I know I’m at vista. This bus stops at Chatham before Vista. Damn… I’d fallen asleep and missed my stop. Grrrrr. Back onto another bus (which I had to wait 20min for) to take me back. Finally got home, and now need to sleep. Assigning will be fun tomorrow.

So G’night!


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