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This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

Finally posting this box!!! April 1, 2011

So today was the first of two days off that both Terri and I have. It’s been a long long time since Terri and I have had two days off together, so it’s been a really fun day.

We started the day with a lie in, and then brunch at Panera bread. I took Jon’s (very late) birthday box with me, so that I could write his card while eating, and post it before heading off elsewhere. While in Panera bread, Tori and Chris were there and said hi! We knew we were going into Epcot later in the day, so we asked if they wanted to join us. They had some other stuff to do first, but would give us a ring when they got into Epcot.

So, we walked back to Commons, where I did the online postage paying thing for Jon’s box of goodies, and handed it in to the front desk at commons. Fingers crossed it’ll get to the UK quicker than it took for me to post it! 😛 While buying the postage, I got a call from Teddy, who was also off today, so Terri and I arranged to meet up with him too.

So, instead of hopping on a C bus at commons, we walked back to Patterson and found Teddy and his car. It was rather nice to drive to Epcot for a change, and come through the front entrance, like a guest should! The Lotso topiary smells amazing! All strawberries and yumminess! But anyway! We headed over to Soarin’ first, because we could, and then made our way into World Showcase. The intention was to get a Duffy Bear on a Stick, and get the stamps from around the world. We kind of failed at it though, so we’ll try again another day! So yea, we started in Canada, and went to see the show, O Canada! while there. It’s a pretty good show, if a little pretentious! I’m so glad the UK doesn’t have a show like that.

Afterwards, we met up with Chris and Tori in the UK, bought some cocktails at the bar (the English Rose is so yummy!!!), generally chatted with some people, and got the UK stamp on our Duffys. Next stop was France, where Chris and Tori bought a wine tour thing, and we got our stamps. By this time is was nearly 7pm, so Terri, Teddy and I ran ahead to Italy to see if we could get into Tutto Italia for dinner. As it turned out, we could, but Chris and Tori weren’t going to join us, and Teddy admitted that he just wanted fish and chips!!! So the five of us met back up at the Rose and Crown.

Janey was assigning today, and we’d already asked her if we could get a fireworks table for desserts, so we just turned up early and said she could take as long as needed to sit us. While waiting for our table, we decided to go and pester some merchies! I took a lovely photo of Riyad in uniform, lol!

So, we sat at about 8pm (perfect timing), on a great table for viewing (assuming the lower deck people would actually lower their umbrella, that is), and were served by Leah, which was just hilarious! She asked Terri to write the drinks order onto her pad, she asked me to spiel the appetizers when they came out! It was just a great big giggle really! 😀 I had the Roasted Chicken Breast, which was really yummy, and the stuff that comes with it complements it really well.

After dinner, Tori and Chris needed to head to the Italian and German pavilions to complete their wine tour, and as it was Extra Magic Hours, the park was still open, so there was no problem. So we wandered round to Italy, they got their wine, and I tried to buy a glass of sparkling rose for myself and Terri, but somehow, the guy stood at the counter, ended up buying for us!!! I wasn’t saying no to that, certainly! I’m still not quite sure how that happened, but ah well.

We carried on round, Tori and Chris got their wine from Germany. We popped into China, just to find it all closed up. Then into Norway, where we rode on Maelstrom. After that, Teddy really wanted to ride the Grand Fiesta Tour in Mexico, so we went that way! And had a right giggle over the craziness of Donald Duck.

By that time, we were all pretty tired, and so Teddy drove us home. And now I’m going to sleep, after a very fun day! I expect we will be having another lie in tomorrow!



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