My Disney Journey

This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

Penultimate day on Podium, and I’m still assigning. April 13, 2011

So, as I predicted last night, Holly didn’t come to work today, and I had to train Lee again. I just feel that I can’t actually give him much more in the way of training, and he needs someone else’s style of Assigning. So I helped out in the morning, and “suggested” to Ashley (the pm manager) that Terri could be pulled from service for the pm. Thankfully, Ashley was ok with this idea, and come 3:30, I handed over to Terri, and got back to podium type stuff. I really wanted to be on podium and chippy today and tomorrow too, as they’re my last days before I start food running next week!

So, back to podium work, I tasked for a while, then I seated a few tables (think I was breaking people), and then I finished at 5:30. I had a change of clothes with me, and was intending on going to Hollywood Studios. By the time I’d headed down to International Gateway and gotten on a boat, the Crew-man said that by the time we’d get to HS, it would only be open for 10 minutes.

Now, I had a bite on my leg that was itching pretty badly, so I changed my plans a bit and got off at Boardwalk. I popped into their resort store and bought myself some bite cream. Then I hopped on a bus to DownTown Disney, where I browsed the stores a little bit before getting another bus over to Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I wanted to get dinner at AKL as I haven’t even been over there at all yet. I eventually decided upon Sanaa (whilst still on the bus over there!), and got a table within about 10 minutes. I had a chance to pop outside and spy some giraffes and zebra though, which was pretty cool. Sanaa was yummy. It was a mix of Indian and African, I had Tandoori Chicken and Potato & Pea Samosas. Very yummy indeed!

After dinner I was pretty sleepy, and I had no idea where to go to get the J bus home, so I hopped onto a DTD bus, and changed to an F bus from there. I eventually got home to find Terri wondering where I was (my phone had died – I had no idea what the time was!), having ordered chinese for me! Bless her, she looks after me. That’ll be my lunch tomorrow at least!

And now, to sleep. Aye, but a dream… ok, I’m not going to go down that route.



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