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Very Merry Christmas Parties! December 28, 2013

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Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers out there!

Of course, I realise you are very much a minority these days. Not many people read this blog any more, but that doesn’t stop me having fun writing it.

I went back to my mum’s for Christmas, and the first night I was there I dreamt I was back in Epcot, sitting at table 513 in the Rose and Crown, about to watch Illuminations. I was very excited, as it has been a while since I was there, but when the show started, someone managed to sit infront of me. (This is actually impossible, as lower deck is far enough down that heads don’t get in the way – but this was a dream after all!) So I stood up and moved over to one side, and then Illuminations went all weird, involving football and clowns and other oddities. I was about to wander off when the new, weird stuff finished, and the proper Illuminations carried on from the point where the globe starts to drift into the lake, so I went back to my seat at 513, and saw someone else eating chocolate scotch cake. This was also odd, as R&C has stopped selling chocolate scotch cake. Just as I was about to call my waitress over to order some (having got excited by the fact there was chocolate scotch cake there – even in my dream world I knew that R&C weren’t selling it any more!), I seemed to drift out of this dream and end up in another.

I’m not sure what this craziness means about me, apart from the fact that I’m still thinking about my upcoming trip to Disney, even a few days away from Christmas!!!

Anyway, now that Christmas is out the way, I can show you the amazing hairbands I made for my niece, and intend to make a second set for myself, all thanks to these awesome patterns. I have changed and updated a couple, and intend on modifying a couple more when I make my own set. Many apologise for the fuzzyness, these were the only photos we got before wrapping them up for my niece. I’ll try and take some better ones when I make the second set.



Very fuzzy here, I think Jasmine was trying to get away!




This one was my niece’s favourite, but she’s big into Ariel at the moment.

Snow White


Apologies for both the fuzziness and the intruding cat!




Attack of the cat again!

So that’s what I’ve been working on for the past week. Once New Years is out of the way as well, I’ll be back in touch with my lovely friends in Florida (who I hope might read this at some point!) to get on with planning more stuff for Febrary! 😀

I hope all of your Christmases were as good as mine were (which was great, even if I am more exicited about my holiday!)



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