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This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

Double Whammy!!! November 17, 2010

So today I opened the chippy. I managed to do everything, and I even worked out the coffee machine properly! Work was stupidly quiet. It got busy for about 30min, when we opened the second register, and then it died off again. I had fun filling though, got to know the chefs a bit better – Dexter is awesome! 😀

After work I went over to Magic Kingdom. I pretty much just walked round the whole park, grabbed some dinner at Casey’s Corner (apparently I’m still not a huge fan of hot dogs!) then found a spot to watch Wishes. Wishes, as always, was amazing. I even teared up! I made my wishes though, and I will dream that they come true. 😀

After Wishes was over, I rushed to get the monorail back to the Transport and Ticket Centre (TTC), then another monorail over to Epcot. You might ask why on earth I’d want to go back to Epcot having been there for work earlier today – well I’ll answer you! With Wishes on at the earlier time of 8pm, I had time to get to Epcot to watch Illuminations at 9pm! I even got lucky with positioning!

When you get to World showcase, and the lagoon, you’re on the opposite side of the lake to the American Pavilion. On the edge of the lake is a large, raised podium like area. This area is very close to where the fireworks for Illuminations go off from, and as such is usually closed during it. Tonight, however, there was barely any wind, so they opened it up for seating room only (being raised). I have no qualms about sitting on the floor, so I leapt at the chance! I wasn’t quite at the railing, but there was only one person in front of me, and most of the show was above my head! I could feel the heat coming off the flame barge! It was just amazing! 😀

So, that was my double whammy! Wishes and Illuminations all in one night! Having seen them back-to-back, I can happily say that I prefer Wishes. However, tonight’s viewing of Illuminations will forever hold a soft-spot in my heart, and I doubt it’ll ever be as good for me again!

And with that, I’m going to bed. I have to be up uber early tomorrow, to go and get my social security number, so that America can start taking tax from me. 🙁 Ah well, not much I can do about it!

Sleep well everyone! And enjoy fireworks whenever you get to see them 😀



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  1. Manky Badger Says:

    Fireworks season is all finished here :o(

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