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New years resolutions. January 3, 2014

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I’d like to start this post by quoting one of my friends Facebook statuses. I’m sure he won’t mind…

“For everyone talking about how 2014 is going to be”your year” or “different”: no. No it won’t. The changing of a calendar date accomplishes nothing but making you older. Only through bold, courageous, fearless unceasing dedication to your own betterment can you hope to improve your life.”

I think too many people like the idea of fresh starts but never do anything about making them. I’ve been putting a lot of effort and control methods into sorting various aspects of our lives out these past couple of months, and I plan on continuing this trend into 2014.
For example, we bought a new rug today. Now, this may seem like a reply odd way to make fresh starts, but this new rug changes quite a few things. Firstly, it gets rid of the old rug, which gets rid of territory that had been claimed by one of our cats. (No matter how much spray you use, cats will still smell where they’ve been and will go there again…enough said!) Secondly, this rug makes our coffee table easier to move, which in turn makes it easier to use the Kinect. Using the Kinect will enable both myself and Jon to lose a little weight, tone up, and get fit again. In making the Kinect easier to access, it has given me impetus to sort myself out in other ways: be less lazy, more organized, get some structure into my life. The usual things that lead to contentment. There’s still a few more areas of my life that I want to improve upon, but this is a good start, and all marathons start with the first step!

Now get out there and make your first step… However small it may be!


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