My Disney Journey

This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

Owwie November 19, 2010

Today has been a mixed bag.
I woke up with a splitting headache because *someone* (and I wish I knew who) had left both the light and the fan on over night, in the bathroom next door, and those fans are bloody noisy! So I got ready for work, feeling groggy but ok. Hopped on the bus, which was also rather noisy… stupid aircon. Got to Epcot, changed my too-big skirt and my stained apron and walked over to the UK. At this point, I thought the day was going to improve. I was feeling better, I was on chippy filler, and everyone around me was happy.

So I head down to start my shift, which was all well and good. Dexter was the chef again today, so that cheered me up! Jamaicans are good at making people feel happy without even knowing they’re doing it! Mark was on tills, and he warned me that he wasn’t going to go easy on me. Boy did he mean it.

11:30 came around, the orders started to come in. I filled orders, I handed them out, I stayed cheery, more orders came in. And more, and more. I just kept on going and going and going. All I could do was work as fast as I could, process one order at a time, and get the food out. I had a screen full of orders, and orders backing up behind them. So I kept on going. Dexter kept saying that I was a hard working gal! Hehe. Everything was fine until I went to grab yet *another* bottle of water from the fridge, and as I stood up I WHACKED my knee on the fridge door.

Bare in mind, that it was now about 2pm, and I hadn’t stopped since 11:30. Two and a half hours going non-stop, filling orders, not even time to take a sip of a drink. The shock from hitting my knee so hard nearly made me pass out. I finished the order I was doing, grabbed a drink for myself and went out the back to just stick my head between my knees and grab a breather for a minute. Thank god the stockers were there, as they made sure I was ok and went to sort out the orders that were still waiting to go out. I knew they were there, else I’m not sure *what* I would’ve done.

Thankfully, it calmed down after that and I got to take my break. Throughout the rest of my shift the screen didn’t fill up again, which was a relief. My knee still aches now!

The thing is though, although it was a hard day, I was doing fine until I hit my knee. It was hard work, but I was still smiling and working through each order pretty happily. So my general conclusion about today is this: if I can survive that – I can survive anything. And that Mark is evil. Evil for a reason, but evil non-the-less.

So, that was the last of my chippy shifts with my “earning my ears” ribbon. I’m pretty sure I well and truly earnt my ears today. And tomorrow I can start earning my ears on the podium! Fun times. 😀



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