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Water, water everywhere… November 30, 2010

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…but not a drop to drink.
We have a massive spillage of water on our kitchen floor. I don’t know who spilled it, if anyone. And if no one did spill it, no one is currently mopping it up… this is problematic, because if it isn’t a spilling then something is leaking, and quite badly at that! Sometimes, it’s awkward living with 7 other people… you can’t just go “did you spill that?” “no” “nor did I. Uhoh”. *sigh*

In other news… I promised a full blog about yesterday! Yesterday was fun. I didn’t start work until 4:30, so I thought I’d head into Epcot early and have a look around! I didn’t really know what was actually there, and I’m starting to get a better idea, which is really useful. I browsed the shops in the UK, so now I know what we actually sell (a bit of all sorts, really!) and then I headed off to the other half of the park – Future world.

I decided to explore the West side of the park (Future world is split into East and West). I missed out Imagination and went straight to The Land. From the outside, the building looks okay, but when you get inside, it’s really rather nice. They’ve got two restaurants in there, one is a quick service with loads of seating in the centre of the building – Sunshine Seasons – and the other is a full service, dinner only restaurant which sits at the back of the building – The Garden Grill. I grabbed some lunch at the Sunshine Seasons. Their selection of food there is really good, they basically have different counters for different types of food, so you can have a bit of everything if you wanted!

After that I left the Land, even though there’s other things I could do there, and headed over to The Seas. The Seas is basically a large aquarium that does research to help us understand the lives of various sea creatures including dolphins, manatees, corals, various fish, clams and more. It’s really informative whilst being fun at the same time, as they use the characters from Nemo as hosts. It’s pretty fun!

After that I headed back through the park towards world show case, stopping off in MouseGear (the big shop) to have a browse. MouseGear really is a huge shop. Not as big as the one in DownTown Disney, but for a park shop, it’s really cool. There’s a few things I spotted in there that I hadn’t seen before, and will think about getting!

After that I headed back to Mexico and Norway, had a browse round both, before heading back into cast services to get ready for work!

Work was rather quiet. It was a good night though, there was a lot of banter going on between the cast, so I’m getting to know more people, which is great. There was one little kid dressed up at Peter Pan, which was just adorably cute. And one family were giving out bracelets to everyone! They basically spent all year making these bracelets so that when they came on holiday they could give a little bit of magic back to the cast who make the magic for them! I didn’t get one though, even though I checked them in. 🙁 Makes me wish I’d gone to their table and said hi, but never mind.

And after work was Lasses! It was the last Lads and Lasses for a couple of people, which is why we met up with the UK Lads for a change. They’re quite funny when drunk, but they did remind me of football hooligans. It was still a fun night though! Anyway, that was my day, and today has started. I have work later on again, but I’m off tomorrow! So I’m going to Magic Kingdom for the day. 😀

For now though, as Tigger would say, ttfn!


P.S. I now have a new nephew! He was born Nov 28th at 10:20pm (UK time), weighed 8lb and is called Roman Frederick. 😀 I will put a picture of him up some point soon! Thinking of that – I need to put pictures of his sister, Indigo, on here too. And my Mum and Dad. And a lot of friends from home. Mum, Dad, if you’re reading this – please send me pictures of you!


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  1. Mike W Says:

    isn’t it great finding out you brothers had another kid by reading you sisters blog!
    If you hadn’t guessed I’ve not been ‘officially’ told yet, hey he’s not even told me about his first kid!

    • vlbradly Says:

      Well, he didn’t tell me – mum did. Unless you count his twitter, which wasn’t exactly obvious unless you clicked on the photo. At least you’re aware I’m here, I’m not even sure he is!

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