My Disney Journey

This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

My CRP Challenge November 4, 2010

Last updated – 26th Nov 2011.
Downtown & Main Parks – Completed 79/79 = 100%!!!
Resorts & Water Parks – Completed 54/63 = 85.7%
Total – Completed 133/142 = 93.7%

During my year in Disney, I personally challenged myself (and don’t ask me why – I think it’s just because I’m mad!) to try and eat at every single restaurant on the WDW Resort, at least once during my time there. I put together these lists of eateries using the park maps, the Disney website, and a Disney dining guide book. When using the park maps, I only included locations that are listed as selling Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, and NOT snack locations.
These pages are the record of my achievements.

02/12/11: I may not have succeeded to 100%, but I did manage to complete all four parks and Down Town Disney, which was my main aim. I had a lot of fun, and I tried so many different types of food in many different atmospheres. I definitely know where I’ll be eating on future holidays, and where to avoid!

Magic Kingdom – 16/16 – 100%!!!
Click Here. Last Updated 19th Nov 2011.

Epcot – 27/27 – 100%!!!
Click Here. Last Updated 23rd Nov 2011.

Hollywood Studios – 13/13 – 100%!!!
Click Here. Last Updated 19th Oct 2011.

Animal Kingdom – 7/7 – 100%!!!
Click Here. Last Updated 21st Oct 2011.

Down Town Disney – 16/16 – 100%!!!
Click Here. Last Updated 16th Nov 2011.

Water Parks – 4/5 – 80.0%
Click Here. Last Updated 7th Sept 2011.

Resorts – 50/58 – 86.2%
Click Here. Last Updated 26th Nov 2011.


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  1. Andrea Says:

    Love your blog! I´m applying right now to the CRP 2012, for the mexican pavillion 😀 I´m having the phone interview on friday next week! thank you for sharing your experience! Hope we´ll meet soon 🙂 Going to orlando in june for vacation, i´ll make sure to go to the UK pavillion 😀

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