My Disney Journey

This blog was a journey of my application to Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program, from sorting out my CV through all the interviews to a year of having a mouse for a boss! Now, watch as I try to get back to my second home.

Fingers Crossed! September 15, 2011

My weekend away was amazing! The Expo was brilliant, and meeting Jeph Jacques was just plain awesome. As are the sketches he’s done for my walls! 😀 I also managed to spend a little time actually in the capital itself, and I’ve decided that, unless you like museums, Washington DC doesn’t have a huge amount to offer. I guess it might’ve just been the part of town I was in, but I couldn’t find a cute cafe for lunch anywhere!!! I ended up eating sushi at the airport instead!

Can I also just say that I’ll never get used to coming off an airplane and not having to go through passport check! That was just plain weird!

Since I came back, I’ve mostly been working. I spent Tuesday evening after work with Teddy and Ashley, with the plan of having dinner somewhere. We decided upon Saratoga Springs, but got there just after the Turf Club had stopped seating. So we ended up eating at The Artist’s Palette instead. It was still rather yummy, and quite a bit cheaper which is a bonus!

I don’t have a huge amount in the way of plans for the next few days, although I am spending Saturday with a bunch of my Floridian friends. We’re celebrating 4 different birthdays (mine included) by spending the day in Epcot. I believe some people will be “Drinking around the World”. Whether or not I join in is yet to be seen, but I’m not sure I can get that much alcohol in me! I may just have to steal a gulp of other people’s from time to time… at least I can have said I’ll have done it then!

For now, I should be sleeping though. Night!



Don’t you just love spontaneity! September 8, 2011

The last couple of weeks have been quite fun for me! I’ve been working, as per usual. Work keeps changing it’s mind between busy and dead, but even on the quieter days the tips are improving, which is good.

I’ve been baking a little bit too! I had a party to go to last weekend, for Labor Day. It was Hawaiian themed, so I made a pineapple upside down cake! This was probably a bad idea with spring-form pans… the syrup kinda leaked out of the bottom, and made a horrid mess in the oven! Oppsy. It tasted really good though, everyone seemed to enjoy it!

And then last night, I made a meringue base for a pavlova! We’ve got a cast backstage BBQ going on today, which should be fun!

This weekend, I’m taking a couple of days off and flying north a bit to a place called Bethesda. Flying early Saturday morning, and back late on Sunday night. I just decided to be spontaneous, and there’s a convention, show type thing going on that I thought could be fun! So why the hell not?!

As for now, I should be heading into epcot! Let’s hope my pavlova goes down well! 😀



Invisible roomie August 29, 2011

So, it’s been over a week since Terri moved out. I’m meant to have a new girl moving in. She popped in late last night (and I mean gone-midnight late) to “take a look around”. She didn’t bring any of her stuff or anything. So I head off to work today, expecting her to have moved in by the time I get home, and she’s still not here! I find this very strange, and slightly frustrating on my part. I really don’t want her appearing late again tonight with all her stuff!!!

In other news, work has been the same as always. I spent this evening going round world showcase taking pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. I’d like to remember how this place looks once I’ve left, after all! I grabbed a bite to eat at the QSR in Norway too… was really yummy.

The pub is undergoing a refurbishment at the moment, the floors are being re-done. It’s really weird having half a pub, with the rest all blacked off! It’s also really annoying that all the managers are calling it rehab, not refurb! I mean, I know the pub is an alcoholic, but it doesn’t need to go to rehab! Lol!

As for now, I’m going to curl up, relax, and hope my invisible room-mate doesn’t appear with bags of stuff. We shall see.

Night world!


My First tipped Mid May 8, 2011

I really don’t have a huge amount to say about today. I worked a mid shift, with my lunch in Section 307 and my dinner in 707. One of my tables at lunch was the same man who got talking to my table of ladies during my training shift last Sunday! Apparently, he’s going to be coming back every Sunday to try every dish on our lunch menu!

Otherwise, my day was pretty normal. I’m now knackered though – mids are hard work. So night night!



No ADO for Vikki :( May 7, 2011

Today, I swapped from an AM shift to a PM shift. Only after doing the swap did I realise that I shouldn’t have done so… a bunch of friends of mine from around Orlando were spending the day going around Epcot, and I originally planned to join them after I finished work. As it turned out, I couldn’t do this.

So, my day started off with a lift into Epcot so that I could maingate Nick and Alaina. I got them in, then ran off to the Rose & Crown to ask about an ADO (which the AM manager couldn’t give me – it was up to the PM manager) and to drop my costume into my locker. So, then it was time to meet up with everyone again, which didn’t take very long at all. (Oh, how I love mobile phones!)

So, first stop of the day: Mexico! We had a browse round the stalls while we waited for more of our large group to find us. Eventually, we had everyone we were expecting, some people got a round of tequilas from the Tequila Bar, and we started walking round the world.

There was a quick stop for some people to grab a drink in Canada, and I ran ahead to check in and grab the pager for our table in the Rose & Crown. We had thirteen of us, and got in pretty much dead on our reservation time. Arran was serving us, and I must say that he did a wonderful job of looking after me and my crazy friends. I had a lot of funny looks from the other servers, and questions later about how I knew these people! Either way, lunch was very yummy.

By the time we finished, the PM manager was in, so I asked again about an ADO, so that I could carry on with my friends, but apparently some other people had already called in, and so I had no hope. I worked my PM in the same section that I’d just had lunch in! Section 505! It didn’t go too badly.

And now I’m home, tired, and ready to sleep. I’ve got a full mid shift to work tomorrow.



Prom! May 6, 2011

I had a day off today, which was lovely. I almost feel like I haven’t stopped since before I started training. Terri got an ADO (Authorised/Additional Day Off) from work because there were too many servers, and it wasn’t predicted to be too busy. So, she came home just as I was working out what to do with my day. We decided to head to TGIs for lunch, with Emily, as she had also gotten an ADO with Terri. After lunch, we came home again and Anna came round. We hung for a bit before heading to Downtown Disney and to the Cinema. Once there, we decided to see Prom, which was a good giggle! There’s so many films coming out soon that we all want to see, so I predict more cinema trips in the future!

After seeing Prom we came out of the cinema, browsed round Downtown Disney for a bit, including popping into the Lego store (as I always do when I’m in DTD!) Then it was time for home, and now it’s time for bed!



Happy Birthday Mum! May 5, 2011

So, after Chillers last night, I felt that a bit of a late snooze was necessary. Chillers was amazing fun, although the taxi ride home was a bit crazy. One taxi took a load of people home, and then we waited for a second taxi – which apparently broke down on the way to us! (Or so Kel told us). It took rather longer than we’d have liked to have gotten home, but we did get back eventually, which is the main thing.

So, this morning, I got up and skyped my mum before work – it is her birthday today after all! Happy Birthday mum! Then, before work, Terri and I popped to the outlets to grab some food.

Work was good. I spent a PM shift in section 511. It’s a nice little three table section that seems to flow really nicely. The start of the shift was really slow though, I even had a table leave because they really wanted the lunch menu, not the dinner menu! Otherwise, though, my dinner went well. I even had a 4 top table order 6 appetisers and 6 desserts, along with each of their entrees! All of my tables were just really nice people! And that always helps make a good shift.

As for now, I’m still sleepy after last night, so bed time!



7 months isn’t too long is it? May 4, 2011

So I slept in today. And then, when I got up, I popped up to Riyad’s so he could cut my hair. I’ve not had it cut since I had my face-to-face interview, and it’s really gotten far too long, and the ends are all horrid. Now, however, the horrid ends are gone, it’s been cut slightly shorter than I’d like, but it’ll grow to a decent length again, so all is good! Then I came home, skyped mum for a bit then went to Epcot for work. I grabbed some lunch at the french pattisserie, then went back to the Rose and Crown for work.

So today was my first solo shift as a server. Generally, your first solo shift must be a 3-table section. I was in 401, which is a 3-table section, except when it’s made to pick-up table 504. So I told Holly that I can’t pick up, due to it being my first shift. Of course, she ignored me, and I suddenly found myself with a fourth table, without any warning. I would’ve been fine with it, had I had warning, but Holly just turned round and went “you do know 504 is yours, right?”, and I don’t even know how long they’d been sat there. So I had a bit of a go at her! She didn’t think it was an official thing that servers are meant to have 3-table sections on their first shift, until Yelitza, the manager, also had a go at her! I hadn’t said anything to Yelitza, so that was a shock to me. Either way, one of my tables got picked up by another server, I was back down to three tables, and everything went really well!

And now I’m getting ready for Chillers, so I must dash!



Second time lucky. May 3, 2011

Today was Test Day number two. I got to work nice and early, helped set up the restaurant, then was told to wait in the office before starting in my section, 311. Phil and I waited in the office for Jack to give us a bit of a pep talk before our tests. We had to spiel to him, and he gave us a run down of what he was expecting from Test tables. Basically, they look for minimum skill with maximum knowledge for the perfect server. Skill comes with practice, but without knowledge, we (as servers) can’t help our guests with any food or drink decisions!

Then it was time for Phil and I to head downstairs and serve some tables. I had a couple of really nice, lovely tables. I didn’t feel like I was rushed off my feet, everything just seemed to flow. My test table sat down, I had Jack and Kim on my table, and everything just seemed to go quite well. There was a general running joke that they’d gotten married yesterday! And then Kim wanted to ask about kosher, and said she had a Jewish boyfriend (even though she was on “honeymoon” with Jack!). It all got a little bit silly, but in a good way! One of my other tables twigged that I was being assessed as well, and even wished me good luck as they left.

So, once all my tables, and my test table, had left, it was feedback time. I’d done well, my knowledge was all there (which is a biggie for Jack), I still need to improve my efficiency, and one of my bus times went over. However, that was because I was talking to them, so they took responsibility for that! All in all, I did well, and I passed!!! 😀 Phil had passed too, so everything was all awesome.

I got a taxi home from work, with a load of other AM servers. We went off to McDonalds (people were hungry) so Phil and I had celebratory burgers! 😀 Since then, I’ve pretty much just been relaxing at home, skyping friends, and just enjoying the fact that I no longer have the stress of server training. 😀


Spring Formal! May 2, 2011

Today was my last training day as a server. Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, I won’t have another training shift as a server. I’ll either pass, and all will be fine, or I’ll fail and I’ll have to go back to podium. I only had an AM shift today, but it was the best training shift I’ve had so far.

Terri, of all people, was training me, and we were in Love. Love is a nice section to work, it just flows well. Terri was amazing. She made sure I was busy, she pushed me, she was constantly asking me what’s next? I think she’s even just about sorted out my issue with re-fills (I hate them, and never notice when I need to do them) If I serve like I did today in my test tomorrow, then I’ll be fine!

After work, there was a spring formal tonight. Much like the winter formal, we all dressed up looking lovely, and went to Coronado Springs for a good time, free food, and music to dance to! The UK went en masse, and even those that joined later on (due to finishing work a little later) found us. Terri and I also met up with Teddy again, and he was looking rather a lot smarter than usual! (Not saying he usually looks scruffy, but everyone really dresses up for the formals!)

The whole evening was a lot of fun, and afterwards Terri headed off to Lasses. I came home, and tomorrow I’ll be working an AM shift, opening the restaurant, ready to take my second (and last) service test. Wish me luck!!!